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WIW with Kariella and Leslie Francesca

Hands down, one of my favorite outfits of all time: beachy, blue, and breezy.  This Brittania dress from Kariella  is pure gorgeousness.  And it’s just as comfortable as it looks.  For our last day in Miami, I couldn’t think of a better dress to wear.  I’d had a little too much sun and not enough sleep so I was feeling a bit haggard, but I threw this happiness on and boom- new woman.  
Kariella is run by mompreneur Amara, who named her boutique after her daughter.  Ya’ll know how I love my mompreneurs!  Anyways, she started out as a buyer for many brands, including Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom.  After cultivating her style and learning the business, she started Kariella.  When you check out the online store you’ll see why I love this shop so much- the clothes are to die for!  You have to look at the Love Me Lace Bralette, the Miami Romper, and the Night Orchard Maxi.  Your closet will thank me later.
And don’t even get me started on this Leslie Francesca jewelry!  This LF necklace and ring hold a special place in my heart.  For some reason, I’ve always associated Hudson with a star, and his whole room is full of them.  As soon as I saw this star and moon druzy ring I had to have it.  And then I saw the moon necklace and of course had to have that too.  I mean these are just extraordinary druzy delights.  I had SO many people stop me to ask where I got these pieces from. 
Leslie is another astonishing woman.  She started working in a bead store, and there found her knack for design.  After attending gemology and design courses, she began her jewelry line.  As you can see from her fascinating collection, Leslie definitely found her calling.  She’s currently closed for the next week, but check out her Instagram from some fun jewel shopping.  I particularly love the geode druzy rings and the blue kayanite necklace.
You can find Kariella at: 
You can find Leslie Francesca at: 

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