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Omg the sweetness of this week.  My overly-emotional heart can barely take it.  Those little flutter kicks have intensified and I just love that butterfly feeling in my tummy.  And Hudson has been so so sweet.  He loves to “tickle tickle” the baby and he’ll rub my tummy when we’re napping together.  He’s been sleeping in our bed since the move and every night you’ll find him scrunched up next to me, his little face pressed into my neck.  And I think he’s starting to really understand the whole baby thing, because he used to not like babies.  Now he goes right up to them and rubs their feet saying “Hi babes.”  I can’t wait to watch him be a big brother!!

Workouts: Well we got the stomach bug this week so I took 3 days off.  But between my gym membership, the hiking/running trails around our house, and my home gym I’ve made up for it.  Still trying to put some muscle back on.

Hormones: Just a sappy, mushy lady over here.  If I have a spare minute, you’ll find me watching videos of Hudson as a baby.  And crying.

Overall: Besides the stomach bug disgustingness, this week has been great!  Except for my new craving.  It makes me shudder just to write this: I want everything cherry.  Fresh cherries, cherry-flavored slushies, cherry ice cream, cherry gum, EVERYTHING CHERRY.  And the non-pregnant me? Loathes cherry. With every fiber of her being.  But holy toledo batman it’s so good to this pregnant me.  My cheat this past week was a Sonic cherry slushie with nerds in it.  Just sugar-high heaven.

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  1. How fun to read! I have no kiddos yet, but I long for the days of cravings and baby kicks someday in the near future. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your pregnancy journey!