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17 Week Bump Update

 Ok so last week I felt like this pregnancy was taking forever, this week I realize how fast it’s flying.  This may very well be my last pregnancy and I need to just slow down and enjoy it instead of wishing for the end.  Plus, I had two friends give birth this week and I can just go love on those sweet newborns to tide me over until baby girl shows up in January.  Oh that sweet newborn smell!!
I also met one of my new midwives this week and am so excited to have a practice that supports my decision to go all-natural.  I am totally torn on whether to do a water birth or not and would love to hear your stories!  Either way I’m doing Hypnobirthing and my mom is going to be my coach.

Workouts: Back on track and kicking butt!  I have energy and I’m eating plenty (maaaybe too much) so my weightlifting and running is back to normal. I’m averaging about 5 workouts a week- 3 days of weights, 1 day of weights and cardio, and 1 day of just cardio.

Hormones: Besides a heavy hitting dose of mommy guilt I feel normal!  I mean, besides crying at random commercials and youtube videos of course.

Overall: It’s been a great week.  Sweet baby girl is kicking more and I’m just soaking it in.  Hudson’s been a snuggly sweet boy,  And we are loving the new house and all the exploring of our new town!

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  1. I definitely had an epidural but I didn't get it until very late in the game. Long before it, they offered me use of the tub several times. I was one of those people that couldn't imagine water touching me and promptly said no thank you. This was surprising to me because I thought I might like it before I was actually in the situation. You'll know what's right for you in the moment. Hope you have a quick and easy labor either way.

  2. I had a water birth in May. It was an amazing experience. I was over due so I went in on the afternoon of the 29th and they broke my water and started filling the tub. As my contractions started to gear up I did lots of swaying and slow dancing with my husband, every time I had a contraction that is. It took about 30-45 mins to fill the tub the whole time I kept telling myself you can do it but for some reason I was really scared of the tub. I finally got in the tub when I was an 8 within a hour give or take it was time to start pushing. I was having all my labor in my back, swaying in the water really helped alleviate the pain. But you can't sway and push. So I leaned back into my husband's arms and started to push I felt like I was done that I couldn't go any farther. I kept saying I wanted to get out and that I wanted the epidural, but my husband kept coaching me and telling me you don't want it don't want it. And now you can do it. I started to give up because I was in so much pain but I was right there all I had to do was push one more time. The nurse midwife told me the only way the pain going to go away was to push one more time. All I could think about was holding my sweet baby in my arms that was all the motivation I needed to push one last time. When the baby came out he had his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. His arm and shoulder came out at the same time so he was a little stuck. They had to assist in helping me get the baby out. He was blue and he was not breathing. The nurses and midwives acted very quickly. They did not tell me anything that was going on which I was happy about because I was so emotional I may have freaked out. I started crying as I did not hear my baby crying. But in the end I am grateful for the knowledge and care of my midwifes. I now have a beautiful baby boy who is completely healthy and full of life. It was definitely a journey and an experience of a lifetime. It was hard it was scary and it was painful. But I would not change it for the world. I would definitely recommend having a water birth.

    However my sister in law has a daughter that was born 13 months ago. She has her own natural she did not have a water birth. But she did get down on all fours and gave birth in the shower.

    The only time that I felt it was hard or difficult and really painful was in the last 5 minutes of my 4 hour labor.

  3. Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job taking care of you and that baby!! I was fortunate to run throughout my second pregnancy and am so happy I did. It made getting back to "me" so much easier!

    I always wanted a water birth, that was my intention. Both my boys came emergency c section…little shits! 🙂

    Happy Friday!!

  4. I had a natural hospital birth with my son. I was on piton but no pain meds or epidural. I labored in the tub for 3ish hours and felt SO MUCH relief in that warm water. I eventually had to get out of the tub because of some complications with baby and needing to be in a different position but I highly recommend the water, even if only for comfort and relief!

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