How to Grow Your Instagram

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a loooong time.  I’ve done everything wrong when it comes to Instagram, so I wanted to share what’s worked for me.  You can find me HERE on Instagram.  It’s been about 4 months of the practices I’m going to share below and I’ve seen my following double.  I hope this helps you! 
  1. Be Original.  We all try to find our voice on Instagram, but the only way to stick out is be yourself.  Don’t copy others and don’t try to be someone you’re not.  Your followers can tell when your hearts not behind it or if you’re being insincere.  So be you! 
  2. Find your style and stick to it.  When someone looks at your overall profile, there needs to be a thread of cohesiveness throughout.  Whether you’re a monochromatic fan, pastel lover, or bright color admirer, make sure most, if not all of your pictures have that same style.  How?  Using the same couple of filters is key!  
  3. Engage, engage, engage.  3 times a day I log on to Insta and comment on others pictures.  Whether it’s people I follow or those recommended to me by Instagram.  And they are thought out and relevant comments.  A bunch of kissy faces is not going to get a great response.  Take the time and engage with your community!
  4. Reciprocate.  If you have followers that comment on and like your pictures, reciprocate!  Again, make sure they are relevant and thoughtful comments. 
  5. Participate.  FollowFriday, loop chats, and ThrowbackThursday are some great ways to connect more with other Instagrammers as well as your followers.  
  6. Use relevant hashtags.  Find relevant hashtags in your niche and use them on the first comment under your pictures.  How to find the most relevant hashtags?  You can Google them, or use one of those apps that suggests hastags.  I also look at bigger Instagrammers than myself in the same niche and use the hashtags they do.  They’ve grown for a reason.
  7. Comment on relevant hashtags. As soon as you’ve posted a picture, click on several of the hashtags you’ve used.  Like and comment on the 5 most popular pictures in that hashtag, and a couple of the most recent as well.  This will not only bring new and relevant followers to you, it will raise the popularity of your post!
I know I’m going to get the questions about loops.  I have done loops and will continue to do them as it’s a great way to appear before a wider audience.  That being said I would recommend: 1. doing them sparingly as to not irritate your current followers.  2. Only join ones that are comprised of other Instagrammers in your niche.  This will result in a better retention and engagement rate.  

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  1. Great tips… I am SO not good at Insta… it is just the last one I think of (should be the first… SO easy to work with!!) Thanks

  2. These are great tips! How do you get involved in loops? I'd like to try one day 🙂

    Kaitlyn @thebirdsnest

  3. I seriously love you. These are the best tips… Getting to work NOW! ? I'd love to do a follow Friday with you friend!

  4. Awesome tips! I'm definitely not the best instagrammer (or picture taker for that matter), but I'll have to try these tips out!

  5. Love following you on IG! I definitely have specific filters that I always use to try to keep things consistent. And I need to up my hashtag game.

  6. This? Is awesome. I definitely need to stick to a certain style. Hopefully your tips will help!

  7. So many great tips! I love looking at instagram, but I'm so bad about posting things myself! I definitely notice when people I follow have a certain style or look about their photos…it's almost like their branding.

  8. Great tips. Part of me feels like Instagram is just a popularity contest which makes me loathe it but it's a marketing tool that should be used.

  9. Great tips! I am fairly new at instagram and have taken a while to really understand it.

  10. Sticking to a style is the one I need to work on!! I try most of the time.

  11. I have such a long way to go to grow my Instagram page. For starters, I need to be more active. I will also pay more attention to hashtags and participating in Instagram-related group activities.

  12. These are some really great tips! Instagram is definitely an outlet I want to grow!

  13. Guess I need to start paying attention to Instagram!

  14. It definitely took me a while to get where I'm at now, but I'm pretty content with my Instagram followers community the way they are now 🙂 I think that Instagram engagement is definitely more important than followers though, that is for sure! Especially if you're looking to monetize your Instagram!

  15. These are great tips!! My instagram is private so it makes hashtags not applicable. Do you have any tips on growing a private instagram?

  16. Awesome tips! I need to be more intentional about using the best hashtags, and I need to work on creating a cohesive look.

  17. Reciprocating is KEY in my mind and has helped me grow my following! But you also must follow & reciprocate on accounts you actually LIKE!

  18. I finally started putting a focus on growing my Instagram this month and these tips are extremely helpful and well timed! thank you!

  19. Great tips! Instagram is my favorite social media channel and definitely where I have been focusing my efforts lately! I need to work on organizing my hashtags better and finding some different ones. I love your feed by the way!!

  20. Great tips! I have to admit that I'm not as engaged on IG as I am on FB. I don't like staring at the small screen on my phone. I wish they had an app for the iPad.

  21. Great tips! I've gotten out of the habit of interacting on Instagram this fall – I used to do it whenever I was sitting and waiting for a kid somewhere LOL. I can definitely tell a difference in how engaged my followers are when I'm not engaged myself.

  22. Good advice – engaging is definitely the way to get more followers who engage with you!

  23. I find myself loving instagram one week, and hating it the next. But I love scrolling through the pictures on my feed.

  24. Being original is super important. Its always easy for me to tell when somebody isn't being themselves, especially if its somebody that I've been following for awhile.

  25. Great tips Jess! I need to narrow my focus on Instagram like I did with Pinterest.

  26. Love this. I have really been trying to grow my IG. I would like to know your thoughts on personal posts on your IG account? I mix the two because I feel like I am a fitness blogger, yes, but also a mom. Thanks for the help.

  27. I really needed to read this. Great post and awesome tips! Thank you for sharing…Nic-

  28. Great tips!! I totally agree with just being yourself. I love instagram and it's so fun to engage with other people!
    Also, I just followed you! 🙂

  29. Great tips! I hate it when (usually spam accounts) accounts use irrelevant hash tags when I'm scrolling through looking for photos!

  30. Yes, my love these are great and I agree with them all!!!!! Love you!

  31. Thanks for the info! You left your link on my question on the FB group {Blogging Boost}.

    Question: What filters do you recommend for bright photos? I’ve been trying to find a good one that will fit with my theme.

    On IG @definefettle if you want to check it out.

    1. Hey love! I am a huge VSCOcam fan- I downloaded ALLLL the filters but tend to stick to a couple.

  32. It’s just like BLOGGING! You have to engage with others and be genuinely interested in their content! Pretty pictures are a bonus too! ha ha!

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