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Working out with the Family

I think one of the hardest times to get a workout in is on the weekends.  Husbands and wives are home, the kids aren’t in school, and family time is the top priority. So how to stay fit and also get in that much needed bonding time?  Workout together of course!  Below I’ve listed a great workout for the whole family to do next time you’re on a walk or hike.

Easy, simple, and effective.  We typically go for an hour walk or hike, which means we do 120 of each exercise and 6 rounds of planks and side planks!  It’s a great workout.  Now you don’t have to feel so guilty during family pizza night 😉
If you’re wondering where I got this fab workout outfit, it’s Mika Yoga Wear of course.  Comfy, gorgeous prints and silhouettes, AND pregnancy-friendly!  The top is nice and long, with plenty of chest support, and an accented back to make it the perfect workout and/or maternity top.  The bottoms are high-waisted to support that belly, but if you are expecting you can fold down the waist to make room for that growing belly.  Besides the eye-candy print, my favorite aspect of Mika leggings are the extra long fit.  There are three seams at the bottom and you can keep them long for yoga wear, or cut them to your desired length for the perfect fit!  

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15 thoughts on “Working out with the Family”

  1. I absolutely love this idea. My husband and I struggle to find time to workout. We have a 7 month old daughter and between balancing work, baby, and husband/wife time, it can be a struggle. This will totally work for us on our family walks.

  2. Such a great idea! We go hiking a lot too on the weekends so it would be a good addition and the kids might even join in too!. Love the Mika Yoga wear. I had never seen that before!

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