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Toddler Favorites

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these- a current roster of our favorite items for Hudson!  These are all fun, educational, BPA-free and travel friendly.  
First up is the Take it Easel by B. Toys.  Hudson is adamant about using this easel each and every single day!  We practice letters, drawing, shapes, and coloring like maniacs.  The easel contains both a chalkboard and dry erase board, and comes with chalk and dry erase markers that can be stored in it’s center console.  Hudson really enjoys the markers as they’re bright, big, and easy-to-use.  The best part is I can collapse the easel into a travel-friendly case and take it with us on the road.  Perfect for my doctor’s visits, car trips, or when traffic gets bad.  I am a huge B. Toys fan as they have a true passion for creating well-loved and used toys.  They also only use recycled materials for both the toys and packaging to reduce waste and ecological impact,
Fun Bites and My Super Foods have saved my sanity.  I kept hearing about toddler pickiness and how hard it is to deal with, but whew discovering it first hand is something else!  Fun Bites cuts food up into fun shapes (they’re coming out with a Minion one soon).  Goodness forbid this kid eat a regular sandwich, but if it’s cut up into little triangles, he gobbles it up.  With one push from the Fun Bites I can cut any meal into fun and easy to eat sizes for Hudson.  This nifty little gadget has won more awards than I can count, so trust me when I say: if you have a toddler, you need one.  
My Super Foods are the best snacks I’ve found both health and taste-wise for Hudson.  As you’ve probably noticed, there aren’t a ton of nutrient-rich and ready-made snacks for tots.  Until My Super Foods.  The granola bites and cookies taste so good, and are hiding tons of antioxidants, fibers, and super fruits to keep your kids healthy.  They’re also all-natural and GMO free.  I keep a couple of the snack packs in my purse at all times.
Need I say why I love this genius invention?  The ZoomKit is the perfect road trip companion.  It fits on almost any car seat and has everything a kid needs to stay busy and happy during a drive.  I received the  Zoomkit with Activity Inserts.  It comes with the activity table that has both a center console and cup holder, an art kit that fits perfectly in the center console and has markers and crayons, and a bento box complete with an attached spork.  This has kept my car clean and organized, and my toddler entertained!  
Last but certainly not least is Tegu magnetic blocks.  Hudson can spend hours with these!  We received the Stunt Team Daredevil version and have both enjoyed making different versions of cars to race around the house.  These blocks are made out of wood so they’re nice and sturdy for all the crashing and smashing that comes with having a toddler.  I also love their unique design and fun colors.  Tegu blocks were built to encourage imagination, as well as work on a child’s fine motor skills.  So while your tot is playing, they’re learning as well!
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  1. These are some great items! My oldest loves to draw, so I think those two activity/easel kits would be great. Love the lunch kit too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Magnet blocks! YES! My son is 7 and last year for Christmas I got him magnetic tiles (over the top expensive, if you ask me) but damn if he doesn't play with them for 2+ hours straight. But he's always loved any kind of block and these are just his favorite things ever!

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