Short and sweet for WIW last week because this dress needs little fanfare.  Gunny Sack and Co is fast becoming one of my favorite boutiques to shop at.  Between this tie-dye dress and the red shirt from a couple weeks ago, I am just smitten over their style!  I am also positive I need the Sequin Sleeve Blazer and this Lace Detail Peasant Blouse.
Little Mr. GQ over here is wearing Prefresh, Little Adi Co bummies, and Hello Mess Moccs.
Oh and this jewelry from Etch!! How funky and fun is this bracelet and ring combo??  The bracelet is made out of leather and gold chain, and the ring is an carvedwood masterpiece.  I love all of Etch’s designs because their not just unique, they truly are artwork.  You have to check out their Mimsy Earrings, White Rose Necklace, and the Shrimp Hair Pin
You can find Gunny Sack and Co: 
You can find Etch Jewelry: 

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  1. I love how you styled this look, but I must say, that bracelet steals the show for me! I love Etch, they personalized a necklace for me a while back and it is so cool =) Also, your dress matches your blog colors. #perfect!