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Gearapalooza 2015

Gearapalooza Bump Club and Beyond Baby Registry
So many people have asked “What’s so great about Gearapalooza?”.  I tend to think any kind of get together with like-minded mamas is exciting, but Gearapalooza is much more than that.  A yearly event hosted at New Baby Products by Bump Club and Beyond, Gearapalooza is all about finding the best products for YOU and your baby.
Not only are the top baby product experts there (like Beco, Aton and Chicco) but The Baby Guy himself also hosts a speaking engagement and giveaway!  His one hour talk is in itself worth the ticket price.  I went for the first time last year and learned how to properly install and buckle a car seat.  I had been doing it wrong for months!  He also goes over all of his favorite products on the market, with your sweet babes safety top of mind.  Then he hosts the giveaway, which is SPECTACULAR.  Thousands and thousands of dollars of baby gear are given away.  Car seats, play pens, strollers etc.  I honestly think the Atlanta event is severely under attended because half the crowd walks away with a prize. 
Then there’s the gift bag!  It’s filled with more products than the actual ticket price is worth, and I promise you will find most, if not all, of use.  Above you can see some of the goods in this year’s bag: toys, swaddles, bottles, lactation cookies, and SO much more!  There are 4 stops left in this year’s travel schedule- San Fran, Minneapolis, Chicago,and Miami.  If you’ve already missed this year’s, stay tuned for next year’s schedule here!  
Gearapalooza Bump Club and Beyond Baby Registry

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