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HP Sprout 3D Home Decor Project

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DIY fun and my HP Sprout makes me one happy girl!  I am constantly using my Sprout for every day work and play, and Hudson uses it for the HP kid apps.  Then they released the new 3D software..   and the possibilities are endless! 
Using the new HP stage, I can 3D capture any object my heart desires.  It’s scanned into the computer, then I can edit, manipulate, and enhance it in one of several apps.  I’ve been feeling very sentimental lately, so I decided to make a replica of Hudson’s first baby shoes.  I placed the shoes on the HP Stage, scanned them in, and got to work.
After scanning them in, I logged into Microsoft 3D builder and edited the shoes.  I can manipulate the size, change the shape, and add letter embossing, to name a few of the fun design options.  Then I sent it to the printer.
This Dremel 3D printer is AMAZING.  It printed my image from Builder in thirty minutes.  Look how cool this is!  You can see the printer in action in the video above.
I painted the shoes in a gold foil, and they’re now sitting on my dresser with my favorite jewelry holder.  I think this needs to start being a shower gift for friends, don’t you?


12 thoughts on “HP Sprout 3D Home Decor Project”

  1. I am so impressed & I've been talking about 3D printers for long. I wanted them to create fashionable clothing for me…now that would be something for me and I know there's printers out there that do it! Love the gold shoes 🙂 xx, adaatude.com

  2. That's super awesome! My husband has a 3D printer at work and has brought home a couple of prototypes for projects he's working on. It's bananas what you can do! Just curious, what do you use the printer for day-to-day? Do you use it regularly?

    xo, Mae | Mae Amor

  3. Loved this post! I learned about 3D printers in one of my classes last semester and it is crazy cool what they can do. It would be awesome to own one. Thanks for sharing!

    Hannah Shanae

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