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NFL family fashion and Women's Falcons Wear
Fall means football and the Hughes, if nothing else, are a football family.  When I first met my husband I knew right away I had met a fellow football enthusiast.  He told me on our first date his dream job would be to build an NFL stadium.  Well guess what?  He’s part of the team building the new Falcon’s stadium!  So not only do we love the Falcons as Georgia residents, but we also love them for giving my husband his dream.  Needless to say, we have A LOT of NFL parties, get togethers, and tailgates.  I love dressing up for Game Day, and my go-to NFL wear is as shown above: a bold bright lip, some big hoops and hair, and fab Falcons gear.
NFL family fashion and Family Falcons Wear
Obviously comfort and flexibility are key for me.  I have a toddler son and an active husband that love to throw the football around between plays.  I often join them, as well as the constant chasing that having a little boy entails.  So skinny jeans, a pair of chucks, and this favorite Falcons hoodie are a must.  But that doesn’t mean frumpy!  A little hairspray, a big ponytail, some flashy hoops, and a bright red lip dress this up just enough for me to feel good.  If you’re having trouble styling yourself for an NFL day, go to their website to get some ideas!
NFL family fashion and Family Falcons Wear
Obviously my men have their Falcons gear too.  Hudson’s had a Falcons jersey since he was a newborn, and Jason has more Falcons shirts than any man I know.  Not to mention the footballs, servings trays, cups, workout pants, and signed memorabilia all over the house.  Obsessed?  Nah, I’d like to say more passionately enthusiastic.
NFL family fashion and Women's Falcons Wear
NFL family fashion and Family Falcons Wear


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  1. I am a Cowboys fan, so this one hurt a little. 🙂 You and your sweet fam do look adorable! Football is such a great way to get together with friends and family for a good time, regardless of who you're cheering for. Love this post!

    Cameron Proffitt

  2. You guys are the cutest! I'm not a huge football fan, but I could totally become one for these cute clothes! lol

    Love this!

  3. We live in Georgia so we are definitely a football family !!! I love hearing jn the background while I cook or blog etc… We are more college football ppl we are really close to Athens so maybe that's why. Love it and your look !!

  4. I actually watched a pre-season training camp show last year for the Falcons! Hope your boys are doing great things this season! xx,

  5. I have to hold my tongue here bc I am a huge Cowboys fan and we totally would have whooped you guys with Romo… buttt this is the cutest post EVER! You need t send this in to the NFL merchandising people! You guys should be on a commercial!!

    xoxo Amanda
    The Miller Affect

  6. First off I love NFL! and College football hahah. Though I will keep my team to myself! 😉
    You guys look so stinking cute!!! And I agree with Amanda you should be a commercial!!


  7. Love this cute outfit! I'm not really an NFL or sports fan (I'm SORRY haha) but I love how you've glammed up your look a bit with your cute ponytail and earrings! Also you seriously cannot go wrong with Chucks! 🙂

    Valery Brennan