Ok so it’s probably obvious by now that I REALLY enjoy throwing showers.  Especially for those that I love.  One of my best friends is getting married to her dream man, and we had the pleasure of throwing her a couple’s shower.  By we I mean two of my other bests and some of the bridesmaids.  It was fun from beginning to end.  So here’s all the details of our “She’s the Pineapple of His Eye” couples shower. 
First, lets talk about the adorable couple.  They’re THAT couple.  You know, the one you want at all of your parties because they’re fun and quirky and make everyone laugh?  That’s them.  They’re loving and kind and just a duo of happiness.  He proposed to her between two waving inflatable arm men, while playing Caribbean Queen on speakers.  How original and cool is that?  So when I messaged him about their shower he mentioned Caribbean Queen and the bridesmaids and I took it from there.  She really is the pineapple of his eye, and vice versa.  I hope you all enjoy seeing the shower and the amazing companies that helped us make this couple’s dreams come true.
First of all, we had this balloon magic done by Divine Balloons here in Atlanta.  Shauntel, the owner, sat down with me and we brainstormed these fun pieces.  She made two balloon palm trees for the photo booth, and then a 4 tier balloon garland for the dining room.  That’s all we needed to make this shower pop! 

And my dear, sweet friends from The Entertaining Shoppe.  Oh how I love them.  We’ve worked together on several showers and those lovely ladies not only listen to my ideas, they enhance them.  When I mentioned this shower, they came up with things I hadn’t even thought of.  Like those fringe toothpicks pictured above.  And the perfect colors to accent the pineapples.  They provided a gold glitter banner, fringe straws and toothpicks, gold fancy folded napkins, a cake topper, and pom poms.  Basically this shower would not have been anywhere near what it came out to be without The Entertaining Shoppe.

The invites, of course, are what really pulled it all together.  I got to work with Stop Growing Up again (she’s done decor for Hudson’s big boy room) and she custom made this invite for me.  I just told her I wanted pineapples and a tropical feel and she let her artist mind go to work.  This was the first draft she sent me and I fell in love immediately.  I enjoy working with Stop Growing Up for a number of reasons: she’s kind, easy to work with, understanding, and gets the job done fast!  Check out her Etsy store for great nursery room prints and customizable invites!

This cake!  Not only was it delicious, but total eye candy.  I felt bad cutting into it!  This beauty was made by Atlanta local Denise.  Her company, Cakes by Niecy, specializes in custom and one-of-a-kind cakes.  You have GOT to check out her website for some of the amazing shower and birthday concoctions she’s come up with.  I’m already brainstorming my next shower around her expertise. 
Last, but absolutely not least, were these pineapple TK Cake Pops.  First, let me say that Ive tried to do my own cake pops and they took WAY TOO LONG.  Plus they didn’t look anything like these masterpieces.  So I talked with TK and they made these perfect favors.  Not only were they delicious, but everyone appreciated and enjoyed such a sweet thank you.  TK Cake Pops are another Atlanta institution that have been perfecting cake pop art since 2011.  They ship worldwide, and I can honestly say you will be completely happy with your entire experience with this company.

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  1. What an adorable theme! I feel like sometimes we get so obsessed with Pinterest parties that we (or at least I do) forget to be original and just have fun! This is the perfect combo of classy but FUN!

    Valery Brennan