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Week 21 Bump Update

No numbers this week because what’s more awesome than a bump picture with the Baby Guy?  Nothing.  I went to Gearapalooza last night and got to se my favorite baby gear expert, as well as brush up on my car seat knowledge AND look at all the sweet itty bitty baby clothes.  I keep gravitating towards boy clothes and have to remind myself: tulle and pink for this babe!  We also had Henley’s anatomy scan and everything is growing perfectly!  She’s got all ten fingers and toes and loves to karate chop the ultrasound wand.  Both the tech and the midwife were cracking up because she wouldn’t stop moving like crazy.  I may have another wild one on my hands.
Exercising:  So the actual workouts are going great until my round ligament pain goes defcon 5 on me.  That crap hurts!  I didn’t have this with Hudson so I’m trying different remedies to alleviate the pain.  So far doing Cat Cow stretches every morning and an epsom bath every night have helped a ton!
Hormones: Oh just a crying mess over here.  I took a dance class at the gym the other day, and some moms brought their daughters.  I started crying thinking about taking H to dance class with me one day.  I know, I’m a hot mess.
Overall: Besides the round ligament pains, the crazy baby kickings, and the raging crying hormones, I’m feeling great!  And OMG food is tasting so delicious now.  Currently loving popcorn, pineapple, and dark chocolate.

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