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Five Fabulous Fashion Blogs

 I’m starting a new series this week: “Five Fabulous…”  To kick it off, I wanted to introduce you to Five Fashion Blogs that I adore!  Each of these ladies are unique in their style and fantastic in their fashion sense.  Read about them, follow them, and enjoy meeting new people!
LifeStyled Atlanta owner, Courtney Clymer, has had a “passion for fashion” for as long as she can remember; From picking out outfits for her favorite game of dress-up in her toddler years, to helping style friends and sorority sisters in college, to working with her mother’s friends in their closets post-graduation; Courtney knew that she truly had found her calling. {She also recorded every episode of “What not to Wear” and religiously watched them for style tips!} Courtney has been working in personal styling for more than three years. She has a love for beautifully simple and timeless pieces paired with pops of color, mixed patterns and statement pieces. 
Courtney is a graduate of the University of Georgia {Go Dawgs!} and resides in Historic Roswell with her husband, Harrison and black lab, Tuck and chocolate lab, Tess. When she is not working with her clients, she loves to take walks into town, browse local boutiques and try new restaurants. Her favorite colors are chartreuse or oxblood for fall, and she can’t live without a JCrew pixie pant.
You can find Courtney: 
Hi everyone! I’m Samantha, blogger at The Samantha Show! My blog is a life and style blog about fashion, style, parenting, and more! I’m a wife, mama of two, and Ohio native currently living in Georgia. My favorite color is glitter, I live on coffee, and I want to believe unicorns exist. My style is all over the place but my favorite is anything boho. Come say hi… Would love to meet you! 
You can find Samantha: 
Hi!  I’m Preeti.  I work in the beauty industry by day and blog by night. I work in corporate America but work from home, so Nines to 5 is my little outlet to share outfits that are appropriate and stylish for both work and after hours. I love mixing designer and budget items and letting my mood dictate my outfit choices. I can be preppy one day, edgy the next, and feminine the day after. I believe style is everyone’s choice, and if you feel good, you can’t go wrong! My favorite colors are gold and white, but I love to wear blues, greens, and greys. My staple fashion piece is a good pair of distressed denim, because they’re appropriate for any season and can be dressed up or down! 
You can find Preeti at: 
Hi!  We’re Katey and Betsy.  We are identical twin sisters who write the blog Two Peas in a Blog.  We live in different states, are both moms, love working out so we can enjoy food and wine, and love online shopping!  We both have very similar styles which changes day to day with our moods.  We love mixing girly touches, like ruffles, bows and jewelry, with looser, flowy boho styles.  And we love adding trendy pieces to a classic look.
Right now, Katey’s favorite staple piece is a silk blouse and her favorite color to wear is creams/whites.  When all else fails, it always works.  Betsy’s favorite staple piece is distressed skinny jeans.  They are so versatile, able to go casual or dressy.  Her current favorite color is olive green.
You can find Katey and Betsy: 
Most friends call me Ada which is short for Adaleta. I work for a technology company that provides marketing solutions for destinations around the world. As you can imagine, along with my job comes the incredible task of traveling! Because I was born in Bosnia, moved to the east coast at a young age, grew up in Los Angeles, and somehow ended up in Arizona I think it’s definitely safe to say it’s “in my blood” to enjoy exploring new places, different foods, cultures, and everything of the sort. Above my love for travel and new adventures, I am a social media enthusiast and love beauty and makeup a bit too much. 
You can find Ada: 

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  1. Thanks for featuring me as a cool fashion blog! I guess everything thrown in together makes for an interesting experience 😉 As always I enjoy your blog because you're teaching me about lessons I'll be learning along the way and how to go through big life happenings (i.e pregnancy) xx, adaatude.com

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