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Second Trimester Exercises with BOA USA and a Giveaway!

Second Trimester Exercises BOA USA
Ya’ll know how I love my workout clothes!  Let me introduce you to BOA USA– an American athletic apparel company that produces new fashion-forward clothing each month.  My favorite of their new lines is the Gratefully Undead collection- which I’m wearing above.  It’s bright, it’s colorful, and it’s perfect for this fall season.  The best part?  It also fits a growing bump!  So I’ve put together a second trimester exercise guide for you below, along with an Instagram giveaway.   
Second Trimester Exercises BOA USA
You can find the capris and sports bra here.  The sports bra gives the ladies lots of support and just enough restraint so you don’t need to worry about too much bounceage as you run.  The capris have a nifty feature for both my pregnant and non-pregnant women:  it has a fold over top!  So for my non-preggos, there’s extra support for your tummy.  For my preggos- you can fold it down to accommodate your growing belly and then leave the top up postnatally for extra abdominal support!  
Second Trimester Exercises BOA USA
Plus, how fantastic is this print?  I just love the bright colors!  Now onto the 2nd trimester exercises:
Second Trimester Exercises BOA USA
These workouts are centered on balance, abdominal support, and leg strength.  This will keep your body tight and toned during pregnancy, and help you tremendously during delivery.  Do this circuit at least 3 times! 
  • Pistol Squats x10 each leg- if you need support hold onto a wall or chair. 
  • Single Leg Deadlift x15 each leg- again use a chair or wall for support if need be. 
  • Squats x30 
  • Back Lunge to Knee Lift x15 each leg



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  1. You look great! So strong and fit. That's gonna do wonders for you the further along you get. Congratulations on your new little one! Love the workout clothes too, they're very cute 🙂

  2. You are the poster child of why women should be in "top shape" prior to getting pregnant, you look great!! I have a bad ankle, so I figure I'll end up in water aerobics when the time comes. Good luck on the rest of your journey!!

  3. Cute outfit! You look awesome! (I was one of those dumpy pregnant ladies, despite working out my whole pregnancy. I've always been jealous of those who can rock the cute bump.)

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