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Best jewelry for Christmas Gifts A. Jaffe Maps

Best Jewelry for Christmas Gifts

Best jewelry for Christmas Gifts A. Jaffe Maps - Best Jewelry for Christmas Gifts by Atlanta style blogger Happily Hughes

With the holidays right around the corner, I know many of you are scrambling to find the best jewelry for Christmas gifts.  Well I have it for you right here.  It’s a necklace from the Maps jewelry collection at A. Jaffe.  On the front of each medallion is a map of a place of your choosing.  It could be where you and your significant other first met, where you had your child, where you bought your dog…the possibilities are endless!  At the exact spot where this important event happened, a small diamond is placed.  And on the back, you can get any type of message engraved.  The really exciting news?  I’m giving away a silver Maps piece of your choice below!

What’d I get on mine?  Well a little backstory first.  We’ll call it Jason and I’s love story.  I was working at Buckle as a sales associate when this cutie pie (Jason) walked in to get his jeans hemmed.  If you’ve ever been to Buckle, you know they pay on commission.  So I upsold the shhh out of him.  He walks out of the store with $500 worth of clothes he wasn’t planning on buying and I thought that would be the last I’d see of him.  An hour later, the store gets a call from someone named Jason looking for me.  I was on lunch, so Jason left a message for me to call him back.  One problem, I didn’t have his phone number.  Realizing this, he called back.  I was engaged with a customer so he again left the same message, without his number.  Feeling ridiculous, he called back one more time.  This time, I answered the phone, we exchanged numbers.  And have been together ever since. 

So what’d I get on my necklace?  The place where we first met.  And on the back it says “Where our happiness began.”  Six years later, a beautiful baby boy and a baby girl on the way, and more laughs and joy than I could have ever imagined.  All encapsulated in this sweet necklace.  What will you get on yours?? 

Best jewelry for Christmas Gifts A. Jaffe Maps - Best Jewelry for Christmas Gifts by Atlanta style blogger Happily Hughes

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36 thoughts on “Best Jewelry for Christmas Gifts”

  1. I have wanted one with the hospital my little miracle was born in and his birth city. Love yours and so sweet!

  2. Such a cute story! I love the idea behind these necklaces. I’ll definitely have to snag a few for people this Christmas.


  3. That is by far the cutest little love story, that is so so sweet! That necklace is perfect to remind you of where you first met! I will definitely be keeping that in mind this holiday season!
    xo, Kyla – KyMarieC / @kycurrierlewis

  4. That’s a cute story! And I love the necklace! I don’t know what I’d get on my mine. I’d probably get the house where I lived in Wisconsin when I was younger, because it continues to be a source of inspiration for me as a writer and my dad built it. Or I’d get the Secession Building in Vienna, which is where I suddenly decided I had to take an art history class and after that first class I was hooked on studying art. They’re both places that continue to live in my imagination.

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  7. I just love your story on how you meet Jason! I love how he just seemed to know from the very first moment being with you that he couldn’t just let you pass by. <3 <3 Also love the beautiful necklace! Thanks so much for this giveaway. And I hope you have a great Holiday Season!

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