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36 Week Bump Update and Christmas

Happily Hughes Family Picture

Yes, I am fully aware I’m jumping the gun on the 36 week bump date but I know none of you want to read this on New Years 😉  This past week was so fun!  Although Huddy and I came down with some nasty, coughy flu thing, we spent the week watching Christmas movies, reading Christmas books, and getting into the overall spirit.  By Christmas day we were feeling a lot better and little man had the time of his life.  Which made it the best day ever for Jason and I! He was overjoyed with every single present, so we spent the whole day just playing and snuggling as a family.  You can see in the pictures below he played himself into a coma not once, but twice!  I’m not complaining as those sweaty happy boy cuddles were fabulous.  Saturday and Sunday were spent having more Christmases with our extended families, and he again was a bundle of pure happiness.  I used to think I loved Christmas, but after experiencing it with Hudson I am in a whole new realm of obsessed with this beautiful season.  I can’t wait to share it with Henley next year!

36 week bump update happily hughes christmas 36 week bump update happily hughes christmas 36 week bump update happily hughes christmas 36weekbumpupdatechristmaspictures 36 week bump update happily hughes christmas

 Pregnancy news: we found our doctor and our hospital, so everything is set.  One the medical front.  At home, not so much.  We still have nothing ready but I’ve been in super nesting mode the past couple days so I plan on having that sorted out very soon.  Other than that I’m feeling pretty good!  I am having lots of uncomfortable Braxton Hicks, and as you can see in the picture below baby girl is locked and loaded.  I’d totally be ok with her coming at 38 weeks, but I’m also fine if she stays until 40 so I can really get the house organized and ready for her arrival.    

Exercise: still working out 5 days a week!  With that and the crazy cleaning phases I go through I’m pretty exhausted at night.  But slightly less hormonally imbalanced so it’s worth it 😉 

Hormones: Whew the last 4 weeks are rough.  Totally forgot about this emotional roller coaster. Someone pray for Jason and maybe buy him a beer if you see him out.


Christmas Maternity Photography Silhouette

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  1. So glad you found your doctor and hospital. That must be a weight off your mind. Your Christmas looked so wonderful, and I loved all the pictures.

  2. Love the picture in front of the tree! Sounds like a lot of work with Christmas right now too!

  3. Hey do me a favor.. Stop being so perfect.

    The rest of us.

    Thanks in advance 🙂 :-* lol

  4. You family is beautiful and the picture you captured by the tree is so angelic! good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

  5. That picture is just so lovely. You are one beautiful mama! You are in the home stretch, end is near!

    Love those plaid pj’s. So super cute!

    You should come link up at our Bloggers Spotlight party, we pin everything to our group board and have two separate link-ups, one for posts and one devoted to pins so you get even more exposure!

  6. Kristi Price says:

    Hi Jessica, your son is precious and best wishes with the birth of Henley. My DIL Chelsea is due Jan. 29th and I am so excited to be a grandma 🙂 Take care!

  7. You are almost there!! So excited for your new arrival. Sounds like you need to take it easy a bit 🙂

  8. Your pictures are beautiful! The last weeks were so emotional with my girl that I was a wreck I’m jealous you workout I barely moved at 36 weeks but to waddle hee hee

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! You’re in the home stretch, get ready for the time of your life with two. It honestly just keeps getting better and better!

  10. Aw looks like you had a great Christmas! Yay for getting the doctor and hospital all setup! So excited for you

  11. Your silhouette in front of the tree is BEAUTIFUL girl, you need that blown up!! Gorgeous lady, keep doin what you do, because it’s working and you’re just shining!! 🙂

  12. I am glad you are able to get big things all ready (doctor & hospital)! Less worry for you. Love your pictures and your son looks like he enjoyed Christmas!

  13. You are so gorgeous pregnant, and your family is just beautiful. Good for you for having the willpower to exercise throughout your pregnancy! Your silhouette is flawless 🙂

    Good luck and congratulations!

  14. His black and white pjs!! So adorable! Glad you guys were feeling better by Christmas, there seems to be a lot of illness going around right now, ugh. You look so wonderful! Can’t wait for you to meet your sweet baby!

  15. You look so good! I hope I’m still looking like you at 36 weeks! The shot of you in front of the tree is beautiful. What are your workouts looking like these days? I’m starting to get serious cramps (contractions?) the last 2 weeks when I walk too fast and I’m hoping I can keep up my mileage for at least another month (currently 30 weeks). I’ve been doing squats too but I’m going to add some wall sits.

    1. Hi Kristi! I’m still doing a good hour of exercise- whether it be a long and brisk walk, a dance class, and even some days of lifting! But it’s all about listening to your body. Those cramps sound like your body needs a rest so take it easy my dear 😉

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