Top 10 Protein Smoothies

Top 10 Protein Smoothies

Alright it’s time to gear up for your New Years Resolutions!  I know many of you are going to focus on your health and wellness this year, and what better to kick that off right than the Top 10 Protein Smoothies?  Each of these smoothies is a favorite of mine for both taste and nutritional impact and I’m positive they’ll assist you in your fitness goals for the New Year.  You can also follow my At-Home Workouts and Healthier Yummies boards on Pinterest for more inspiration!

P.S.- I ONLY use AboutTime protein powder.  It’s all-natural and delicious and the only protein I feel comfortable using while pregnant/breastfeeding and for my son’s smoothies.  You can get 25% off any order using my code HAPPILYHUGHES.

Top 10 Protein Smoothies

  1. Dark Chocolate Protein Shake– for those of you trying to curb that sweet tooth!  
  2. Green Detox Smoothie– I know, you’re like “Ewww it’s green!”  But I promise it’s so refreshing and good!  Great to detox for the first of the year.
  3. Upside Down Pineapple Cake Protein Smoothie– This is a favorite of mine when I’m craving a pina colada and the beach!  I skip the whipped cream and caramel topping though.
  4. Not So Chunky Monkey Smoothie- Hudson and I’s number 1!!  I add spinach to this to give us both some extra iron.
  5. Strawberry Chia Protein Smoothie– easy and so good!  I would add a half frozen banana to make it extra creamy.
  6. Peach Pie Smoothie– A summertime favorite! 
  7. Banana Pudding Protein Smoothie– All-the-time favorite because: banana pudding.
  8. Red Velvet Cheesecake Protein Smoothie– Another great sweet tooth fixer! This one requires a little more ingredients than most but is totally worth it.
  9. Blueberry Coconut Protein Smoothie– GREAT breakfast smoothie to kick your day off right.
  10. Oatmeal Cookie Protein Shake– Oatmeal cookies- it doesn’t get better 🙂  Great for increasing your fiber intake!


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  1. Love this list! Thanks for including our Pineapple Upside Down Protein Smoothie…sharing this!!

  2. I’m definitely all about that Dark Chocolate Protein Shake! I need to get back into my protein shake routine for 2016…thanks for the great recipes!

  3. I’m not big on smoothies but may have to try a couple of these. They look yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I need to look more into protein smoothies. These recipes all look fantastic and I love making smoothies to go with my lunch so this will definitely be added to my Pinterest feed!

  5. These all sound delicious. I love making smoothies I have one daily. Thanks for sharing this protein packed list. Pinned to try later

  6. These are awesome, my fave is the strawberry chia. I make something similar the night befoer with a little extra chia so it turns more into a pudding the next day 🙂 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

    Maya from http://www.HealthyMominaBusyWorld.com

  7. I’m so boring with my smoothie. I make the exact same peanut butter, banana, spinach smoothie every single day. I’ve got to give some of these a try!

  8. These all look amazing… It’s kind of like tricking yourself into believing you’re drinking a milkshake!

  9. Yes! thanks for sharing this list of yummy protein smoothies! Love it!

  10. These all look amazing! I need more smoothies in my life!

  11. These smoothies look AMAZING! Going to have to get that protein powder because I plan on hopping on that fitness wagon as soon as I pop out this baby. 🙂 Thanks for the yummy roundup mama!

  12. I was craving a yummy shake today so this will definitely come in handy! Which is your favorite??

  13. Awesome list Jessica! Green smoothies are a staple in our house. I love About Time pancakes. I bet their protein powder is just as good.

  14. Ohhhhh these all look amazing! I’ll have to give them all a try! Thanks for sharing my chunky monkey smoothie 🙂

  15. Not so chunky monkey sounds like it will be my fav too! Bookmarking this page already

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