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A Letter to my First Born

A Letter to My Firstborn on His Last Days of Being an Only Child

A Letter to my Firstborn
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Dearest Hudson,

In a short time you will no longer be an only child.  It’s going to be quite the transition for you, and my mommy heart can’t help but worry. You’ve been the center of my attention for 2+ years and will soon have to share that limelight with another. I want you to know a few things to make this transition easier on the both of us. 
I love you.  More than I’ll ever be able to put into words.  We have a special bond, the two of us, as you taught me how to be a mother.  You dealt with all of my first time fumblings and nervous tears.  You opened my heart to a love only a mother could know.  I’ll also love your baby sister.  And I’ll be able to love her and love her well because of you, my sweetheart. 
You’re important to me.  Just because there’s a new baby who will need my attention constantly, it does not mean you or your needs are any less important. I may ask you to wait so that I can take care of the baby, but that does not mean you’re second to her.  You just have the ability to wait longer than she does. 
I’m sorry if I’m cranky with you.  Having a newborn means your mommy is going to be tired and frazzled for a bit.  If I snap at you, I am so very sorry.  Know that it is in no way your fault.  I’m just in desperate need of at least 20 hours of sleep and a bottle of wine.
Most importantly: I am so excited to watch you become a big brother. As nervous as I am about you having to share all my love, I am more excited about watching you take this big step.  You are the sweetest soul with a touch of wild and I know you will love and protect her like no one else can. She’s the luckiest little girl to have a big brother like you! 
So although this transition is scary and unknown to the both of us, I can’t wait to see all the love and happiness it brings to our family, and you especially.  Until she arrives, I am going to spend our last days soaking in every bit of you.  Every smile, every hug, every laugh.  And when that time comes to an end remember this one thing: I loved you first.

19 thoughts on “A Letter to My Firstborn on His Last Days of Being an Only Child”

  1. So sweet! My girls are 19 mo apart and I cried and cried the closer it got to B’s arrival because I felt like I was ruining Whit’s life. But my girls are obsessed with each other so I think it turned out okay! You will love it! I had no clue how special the whole sibling thing would be. #ibn

  2. Awwww, I’m not even a mom yet but this made me tear up a bit. What a lovely gesture! Good luck to you! You’re going to do a fantastic job raising those two babies 🙂

  3. This is such a beautiful letter! Any kind of change is hard, especially when you’re adding another child to the mix. Although it may be hard at first, you’ll get the hang of it soon enough! Good luck, girl! (:

  4. Great letter!! The wonderful addition will obviously be a change, but it sounds like your little guy will glide through it with an amazing mommy. Congratulations to you!

  5. What a beautiful thought. I was so worried when my one girl would become two. I never could have imagine how protective she would be or how enamoured they would be with each other. They were absolutely meant to be together in childhood and friendship.

  6. Serious tear jerker!! I swear, I’ve had NO time to think about what this transition will be like, I think we’re all in for a world of craziness. If I even go near another toddler or baby, Naomi starts screaming “That’s MY mommy!” and has total meltdown… Hoping she’s more open to baby sister when it’s HER baby.

  7. I have always loved being the elder sibling to all my little sisters and little brother. He’s in for an awesome treat, because little siblings are just the coolest!

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