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VTech VM343 Baby Monitor

VTech VM343 Baby Monitor- Capture Sweet Moments

VTech VM343 Baby Monitor

I have the cutest video to share with ya’ll!  I just started laying both kids down for a nap each day in their respective rooms.  Yesterday I was folding laundry when I heard Henley start fussing.  I was on my way up to get her when I also heard Hudson’s sweet voice on the monitor. So I grabbed my phone and videoed this moment on our VTech VM343 monitor:

He’s saying “Shhh sweet baby.”  And then he starts singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.  Be still my heart!  I am so glad I got this on video!  Now on those rough mommy days I can just go back and watch this touching moment between my two littlest loves.

VTech VM343 Baby Monitor

I’m really loving this VTech VM343 Baby Monitor!  And not just because I can catch adorable videos like the above.  It also has some pretty fantastic features.  The camera is full-color, high-res, and night vision enabled.  It feeds directly to the 4.3 inch video monitor, which is large enough to allow prefect viewing of your little one.  You can feed up to 4 cameras to this one monitor and watch all 4 at once!  You can also control each camera with the monitor- up to 270 degrees side to side and 120 degrees up and down.  My favorite feature is that the monitor can be up to 1,000 feet away from the camera and still receive a clear transmission.  So if I need to run down to the mailbox I won’t miss a second of watching my little girl.   VTech VM343 Baby Monitor

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  1. That is such a sweet video and definitely one to keep and watch on rough days! This is one of the monitors we looked at when trying to pick one for our little girl and those are all the features we really wanted! Glad to hear you like this one as I know some other people looking for a good one too!

  2. IDK what we would have done without our video baby monitor. Especially being a first time mama, I had that thing strapped right to the edge of the crib so I could see if his chest was still moving up and down! Haha I’m a little less paranoid now but it’s helped so much to be able to see what exactly is going on.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a sweet video! I am so glad we got a video monitor when our Son was born. Keeps my mind at peace knowing I can see him whenever I want!

  4. I’m just melting at your daughter. Such a pretty, precious little girl. I bet you love dressing her up. 🙂
    And YOU. You look pretty freaking fantastic, woman. Really, and truly.

    Have a wonderful weekend girl! xox

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