Baby Sensitive Skin

Both of my fair-skinned babes have extremely sensitive skin.  I have a blonde and a red head and both have bright blue eyes.  If that’s not asking for a sunburn, I don’t know what is.  I remember picking up some generic diapers and wipes for Hudson when he was a baby and he broke out in an angry rash. Henley is the same way!  This is what I do to protect and care for baby’s sensitive skin:

Baby Sensitive Skin

  1. I use all-natural and hypoallergenic body wash, shampoo and conditioner. 
  2. I put coconut oil on their skin after every bath. 
  3. I use all-natural and hypoallergenic detergent to wash their clothes and 4 drops of lemon or lavender essential oils on a rag in the dryer to dry them. 
  4. I use hypoallergenic diapers and wipes- like bloom BABY wipes!

Baby Sensitive Skin

A little more about bloom BABY: first, these wipes are made from natural fibers. Then, they’re infused with glacier water and vitamins to nourish and clean baby’s skin gently. Which vitamins you ask? Vitamins A, B, D, Omega 3s and 6s.  Because of their simple and natural nature, they’re safe for rash and eczema prone skin.  They’re also super soft!  I feel completely comfortable using these on Henley, especially knowing they’re replacing vital nutrients in her skin.

Baby Sensitive Skin

bloom BABY wipes also are devoid of: alcohol, chlorine, phthalates, formaldehyde carriers, parabens, phenols, quaternary ammonium compounds, SLS, lanolin, and most common allergens.  Because of this, they’re biodegradable and flushable!  For my babes with allergies- they are manufactured in an FDA approved plant that is free of nuts, gluten, and wheat processing.  I hope these help your sensitive skin babies as much as they’ve helped mine.  And great news, they’re available at Target now!

 This shop has been compensated by bloom BABY.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.

4 Responses

  1. I have sensitive skin, but I never thought about babies having sensitive skin. Hopefully when I have kids they wont get my sensitive skin.

  2. My twins have super sensitive skin too. I always try to go as natural as possible, with no scent. I’ve never heard of these wipes, but now I’ll have to get some. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. My favorite is coconut oil for baby! Typical hippie mama I know lol, but it’s done really well for us. I do want to experiment with making my own sunscreens though as that is my biggest concern with summer coming up!

  4. My kids never had sensitive skin, but it is interesting to see what can be done for it!!