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Playster Review

Playster Review

Playster Review by Atlanta blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes

I had to share this technology that’s been keeping us sane on long car trips- the Playster.  It’s this amazing subscription service that allows you to get UNLIMITED movies, games, music, and books for one monthly rate.  With several road trips in the future and a toddler who loves to learn, the Playster has been a great addition to our family fun. 

Playster Review – Everything you need to know about the Playster and a 30 day free trial code! 

Playster Review by Atlanta blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes Playster Review

First, let’s talk about this tablet.  It’s an Android tablet with HD headphones that comes FREE with a 12 month subscription.  Since our old tablet died a slow and horrible death, this was a big plus for me.  Especially the headphones- if Hudson wants to watch a movie while we’re driving, I just ask that he put his headphones on so the whole car doesn’t have to hear it.  The tablet works great and allows the whole family to enjoy games, movies, and most importantly, books.

Playster Review by Atlanta blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes

The subscription service allows you to pick and choose what you want- you can get just movies, movies and games, movies and books and games, or all four for a small monthly fee.  All 4 categories will be accessible from any web-enabled device that you own.  

The best news: Playster actually houses the largest digital catalogue in the world, giving more options for the whole family to enjoy.  I LOVE to read!  And have found tons of titles that I adore, as well as ones I’d never heard of before.  I really appreciate that I can download an unlimited number of books, as the old service I was using charged per book and it was kinda breaking the bank.  

My husband is a big movie buff, but hates spending $20 a movie.  With Playster, we’re only paying $24.95 a month for an unlimited amount of movies (and books and music and games).  His frugal little heart loves that!

Playster Review by Atlanta blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes

And of course Hudson enjoys games and books.  My biggest compliment to Playster is that they house an inordinate amount of educational games and books for toddlers.  It allows me to relax knowing he’s learning and having fun.

You can check out Playster here for your free 30 day trial.  

This post is sponsored by Playster- all thoughts and ideas are my own.

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  1. What a fun device for kids during car rides. I will definitely have to check this out whenever I have children.

    xoxo, Jenny

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    Ooooh that is an awesome service. We just went on an 8 hour road trip to DC and I wish I had known about this then because I would have signed up in a heartbeat! Next time….

  3. That’s awesome, it’s the perfect gadget to have in roadtrips especially when you’re traveling with kids. It’s good to know that you can put in your favorite ebooks as well, that will encourage kids to read.

  4. This is a great price for the bundle, I did wander over to their site and I like that you can also pick and choose which you want. This would be great for our roadtrips after a few hours when everyone gets antsy.

  5. Wow, I could use one of these for our day trips planned this summer. Abby’s the worlds worst when we travel because she complains of being bored all the time. I love the offer of unlimited movies for a low monthly price.

  6. I think this would be great for long car rides to keep kids entertained. I sure could have used something like that when my kids were young.

  7. My girls would love this! I love those headphones too. They’re cute! These would be great for when you’re traveling on long trips. Keeps the kids busy.

  8. Oooo now this looks like one awesome device!!! I need to look into one for my daughter!

  9. This is so nice! Perfect for long trip. 100% you’ll never be bored 🙂 I’d like to give this to my nephew as he is looking for a new one to try. I wish we have this in our market.

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