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Adorra Travel System Maxi Cosi

Maxi Cosi Adorra Travel System

Maxi Cosi Adorra Travel System by lifestyle blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes
 I’m pretty excited about this post.  And not just because I’m giving away an entire Maxi Cosi Adorra Travel System.  But because I really and truly love Maxi Cosi!  The kids and I were in a pretty serious wreck a couple weeks ago and I am SO thankful Henley was in her Maxi Cosi car seat- the same type I’m giving away today.  Even though my car was totaled and I had some bruises, both kids walked away unscathed.  Thank goodness for safe cars and carseats.

All about the Maxi Cosi Adorra Travel System and GIVEAWAYS GALORE

Maxi Cosi Adorra Travel System by lifestyle blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes

If you’ve ever purchased a Maxi Cosi product, the first thing you probably noticed is how comfortable everything is!  I swear these strollers and car seats are made from memory foam.  I want a stroller in my size.  Maxi Cosi, can we make this happen?  

Maxi Cosi Adorra Travel System by lifestyle blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes Maxi Cosi Adorra Travel System by lifestyle blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes

But in all seriousness, let’s talk about the Maxi Cosi Adorra stroller first.  As I just mentioned, the stroller seat is soft and plush while also reversible. Baby can ride forward or backward and it’s extremely easy to switch positions.  This is the perfect traveling stroller as it’s collapses with one hand AND has a lightweight aluminum frame so it’s easy to carry.  It can hold up to 50 pounds, which I did test out with Hudson who’s 40 pounds plus.  He LOVES this stroller and constantly asks if we can take his “bwue stroller” out for walks around the neighborhood.  

Maxi Cosi Adorra Travel System by lifestyle blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes

The Maxi Cosi Mico Max, which comes as part of the travel system is a fantastic newborn car seat.  I had a different brand for Hudson and it was SO heavy.  The Mico is lightweight and again has those comfortable seats that Maxi Cosi is so well known for.  But what all of us moms worry about is safety, and I can say with firsthand experience that this seat kept my sweet baby girl safe.  I had her checked out after the wreck by my pediatrician and she agreed that the car seat did a phenomenal job.  The stroller comes with adapters so that the car seat fits seamlessly into the frame, as shown above.  Whether you have a newborn or 5 month old the Maxi Cosi Adorra is a great fit for a growing babe!

Maxi Cosi Adorra Travel System by lifestyle blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes

Which is why I’m so excited to giveaway this travel set!  One person will win an Maxi Cosi Adorra travel system (worth $599).  Must be 18 or older to enter and a US resident.

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*This post is sponsored by Maxi Cosi

18 thoughts on “Maxi Cosi Adorra Travel System”

  1. This is so awesome I had a City mini with my first two and now we are preggo with our third. I would love to win this system because I need it all again! Thanks for sharing and I hope I win. ?
    xo, Nicole

  2. We just found out we’re pregnant with our 4th. Surprise!!! We thought we were done and I’d given most of my stuff away. Plus our baby car seat is on it’s last leg since it’s been through 3 little ones. Would love to win this gorgeous set!

  3. Expecting in November, would be awesome to have a car seat for baby. This adorra travel system is so perfect to have baby comfortable !! Thank you for the giveaway !!

  4. HER FACE. I cannot even handle her cuteness, it’s too much!! I love this stroller, I’m working on my review now too, and it’s amazing! Tova hates the car seat and the stroller normally, but she’s actually letting me put her in these… shocking!

  5. This is awesome! Our close friends just announced their pregnancy and I’d love to gift this to them if I won.

  6. Look at those pudgy baby legs!!! So sweet! Awesome giveaway too! This is such an awesome set. I would love to win.

  7. This would be awesome! We are getting licensed for foster care and will need an infant seat so this travel system would make things so much easier for us since we have to provide everything the kids will need (clothes, shoes, coats, car seats, etc.). Fingers crossed!

  8. Stephanie Phelps

    This is so nice thank you for the chance to win it. I would love to have for our new little one!

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  11. Hi,
    By chance does someone who bought and already using this travel system live in a hot place?
    I ask because I have the maxi cosí mico 30, live in the dessert (but at this time is cold), and my lo sweats a lot in the car seat. So, I want now your thoughts about it. I want buy the adorra stroller but I don’t want to spend on it if my boy won’t use it.
    Thanks ?

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