Starting Baby on Solids

Ok so I feel like I just had this little troublemaker, and now she’s eating food!  I’m sharing my tips and tricks on starting baby on solid foods, as well as sharing my favorite high chair! 

Starting Baby on Solids: How to Start Baby on Solids and my favorite high chair!

Starting Baby on Solids Starting Baby on Solids

After two rounds of this, I’ve learned a good amount of dos and dont’s for introducing baby to solids: 



Starting Baby on Solids

As for high chairs, I highly recommend the Baby Bjorn.  First of all, it’s safe.  Hudson managed to unlock his table on his high chair and fell out at 9 months old.  It was terrifying!  The table lock on the Baby Bjorn is childproof and can only be opened by adults.  It also opens UP so it keeps baby/toddler sitting during mealtime.  Secondly, the curved structure of the backrest insures maximum comfort for baby as he/she grows.  The table also grows with your babe!  Third, it’s super easy to travel with.  When collapsed it’s only 10 inches wide.  Lastly, Baby Bjorn has a panel of pediatricians that test and approve their designs before they’re introduced to the public.  
Starting Baby on Solids

2 Responses

  1. These are great tips! We did baby led weaning so some of these tips varied from how we did it but your tips are right on for people who go the more traditional route! <3

  2. Henley looks so freaking cute with her face covered in food! And that high chair is adorable, I love the pink!