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It Hasn’t Been Easy…


Dear Sparky, 

Today is our 5 year anniversary.  It feels like just yesterday that I was walking down the aisle towards you- my heart racing in my chest until I saw your face.  Then the utter joy I felt knowing you’d be my forever.  I couldn’t stop smiling through the whole service!  So what do I have to say about the last five years: 

It Hasn’t Been Easy 


We’ve been through a lot.  Break-ins and house floods, almost losing our first born, cancer, car wrecks, having money stolen, lost jobs… It’s definitely been a roller coaster.  I’m not really sure what the Big Man had in mind through each of those trials.  And it’s not my job to ask.  All I know is I wouldn’t have wanted to go through it with anyone else.  

Because through the bad times and the good, you’ve been my rock.  You’ve stayed calm through the most hectic of times.  The best part?  You’ve made me laugh.  Oh how we’ve laughed!

And when I think back to who we were, and who we are now- I have to tell you something: I am so proud of you.  So proud of the man you’ve grown into.  Not only the wonderful husband, but the fantastic father, kick-ass business man, and great friend.  I am so proud to tell people that you’re my husband.  So proud and so excited to see what you accomplish in the future.  So cheers to us babe.  Cheers to taking the lemons and turning them into lemonade.  And adding a shot of vodka to make it interesting. 

Here’s to the next 50 years! 

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  1. I left a comment but I’m not sure that it went through (stupid phone!). Happy happy anniversary to you both! I always think the testament of a great relationship is how you get through the biggest challenges in life–the little things are so much easier to deal with. Sounds as though you’ve definitely been through the ringer, but that you have a wonderfully solid relationship and a beautiful loving foundation <3 XOXO

  2. Happy Anniversary! This is the cutest letter ever! I couldn’t stop smiling while reading it. I am so happy that you both were strong together and supported each other through what seems like a lot of hard times. Life can really throw you for a loop but you two seem like you got each other through it and are stronger (both individually and as a family) because of it. Congratulations! Best wishes for your future!

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