Mommy and Me Matching with Zappos

This post is sponsored by Zappos.  All words are my own.  

Mommy and Me Matching with Zappos

I love jeans and a t-shirt.  It’s such a comfy outfit and it allows me to chase after this wild man with no restraints.  And ya’ll already know how much I love matching my littles- so when I found these Superga shoes in both of our sizes I HAD to get them.

Mommy and Me Matching with Zappos

I mean how cute are these??  If you’ve ever seen my sneaker collection on snap or Instagram stories, you know I have a slight obsession.  What I like about the Superga sneakers is the neat retro feel they have.  Those zippers!  Hudson thinks they make him extra fast.  I got the Cotdu for women and the Codtj for Hudson.

Mommy and Me Matching with Zappos

A little bit about Superga– they’re an Italian brand thats been in business since 1911.  They designed the 2750 in 1970 and it’s been a huge hit ever since.  It’s a classic shoe that’s stayed relevant through decades of fashion changes.  I personally love these shoes because you can tell theyre quality.  They soles are very comfortable and the canves is super fine and light so it’s a shoe that can be worn year round.  And like I said, those zippers are just rad!

Mommy and Me Matching with Zappos

I ordered these from Zappos, of course.  I honestly don’t even shoe shop in person any more.  I know with Zappos I will get my shoes in a speedy manner, well packaged, and will have no problem returning if there is an issue with my order.  Zappos makes this working mamas life much easier!

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  1. I love zappos!! Those shoes are awesome and the fact you two match makes this post super adorable. Love it and I love those shoes 🙂

  2. These are so adorable!!! I love the idea of zipper shoes!! So much faster for kids. My little guy would get a kick out of them being different too.

  3. These are adorable. My husband usually controls my son’s wardrobe to match him. But, now that I have a little girl, its my turn!

  4. Super cute photo shoot of you and the little one! I love the black ripped jeans! I need to get a pair.

  5. I love Zappos too. Their return policy is the best so why not order online. Those zippers would make my boys happy too.

  6. so adorable! xx, gracie

  7. I need to start doing this. I have three little boys and love it when we match. Do you have outfits that match across all of your kids? Or do you keep things single between kids? Thanks!

  8. UGH I just can’t. You birth perfect children.

  9. Neely Moldovan says:

    So cute! I love zappos for shoes

  10. I love these photos!! These shoes are so awesome too!! I might have to pick myself up a pair!!

  11. I love those shoes!!! The zippers are the best. I also love that you’re able to match with your little boy. I have three boys, and there’s not many things that we can all match…but I’m going to get us all these.

  12. I love matching my littles too! (Who doesn’t?) Those zippers ARE totally rad… they probably definitely make your son run faster too. 😉

  13. You guys are just far too cute and need your own magazine spread! Love the matching with the little guy – so fun to see a mommy and me matching post that’s mommy-son!

    Coming Up Roses

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