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Blonde Hair Repair and Makeover with Extensions Mommy Makeover Pt.3

Before and After Blonde Hair Repair and Makeover with Extensions 

If you follow on Instagram, you know I posted my FIRST Youtube video last night!!  As part of the mommy makeover series, I had A LOT of questions on easy upkeep hair color and extensions, so I partnered with Fifth&Mae Salon to show you both.  

Here is my Blonde Hair Repair and Makeover and Extensions 

Before Damaged Blonde Hair Picture 

Here is my before picture.  I LOVE having blonde hair, but getting highlights every 6 weeks was waaaay too much upkeep.  Plus I’m really wanting to grow my hair out and cutting it that often was stalling the process.  So I spoke with one of the owners at Fifth&Mae– Christina Robbins- and explained my need for less upkeep and healthier hair. 

After Blonde Hair Repair and Makeover with Remy Extensions 

Here is my after.  I mean, can you believe the difference?  She gave me a balayage and brightened my ends, so I can grow out my roots and not have to come in every 6 weeks.  I’ve had this do for about three weeks now and I absolutely LOVE IT!  Here is the process she performed on my actual hair: 

“Balayage to blend the natural root so it can grow into the full desired look and brightened the ends/used Aveda blue malva to tone and a 
Conditioning treatment to help with frizz/shine”

Then she colored my Remy Hair Extensions (I LOVE REMY) to match my new color.  If you want this service, make sure to let them know before your appointment!  It takes a little longer.  Here are a list of the products used for styling, in case you want to do a home makeover of your own:

If you are in the state of Georgia and need a hair expert, Christina at Fifth&Mae is your girl.  I actually met her during a photoshoot and fell in love.  She’s bubbly and so positive and absolutely LOVES what she does. And dannng does she do it well!  You can find Fifth&Mae at the website link below, and check out Christina’s Instagram for more gorgeous hair inspo!


 Before and After Blonde Hair Repair and Makeover with Extensions

22 thoughts on “Blonde Hair Repair and Makeover with Extensions Mommy Makeover Pt.3”

  1. Oh wow!! Your hair looks beautiful!!! I’ve been wanting to try extensions. I go from wanting to cut all my hair off to wanting it to be long. I can’t make up my mind.

  2. Wow, what a transformation. Is it hard to keep the extentions in? How long do they last? I just cut 10 inches of hair off my head, but if I wanted it to be longer…

  3. Your hair looks so healthy and gloriously long. I don’t know if I would have the patience to sit in the salon every 3 weeks, but the results seem well worth the time.

  4. I cut my hair about shoulder length about two months ago and I am really regretting that decision! I miss my long hair (even if it did take forever to dry) and being able to throw it up and not deal with it! haha Your hair looks beautiful! Love the idea of less upkeep!

  5. Wow! What a difference – the color and look it absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never done extensions before – are they a lot of work?

  6. Your hair looks awesome! My hair is like your before. I could use some repair as I don’t take care of my hair so much.

  7. Your after blond is so shiny and lovely! It looks great! That color isn’t easy to achieve!

  8. Christina Aliperti

    That’s gorgeous! I love how thick and full your hair looks. I also love how she brightened up your color.

  9. Oh my goodness, what a difference!! Your hair is so beautiful! I cut my hair not so long ago because my ends were so damaged and, while I liked my lob, I’m already missing my long hair and have been thinking about getting extensions. >.< I'll have to look into Remy!

  10. That’s lovely! I like how it turned out, especially with the texture of your hair. We sometimes forget to pay attention to our hair and it’s good to have it treated from time to time!

  11. Your hair looks beautiful! I am getting mine done in december (because I am visiting my parents and I only trust one girl to do it) and I cannot wait! I love hair salon days!

  12. Omg so fab!!!!!! I love extensions. I wear them whenever I wear my hair down!!!! Makes me feel fancy lol

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