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Close to Me Baby Bouncer by Tiny Love

This post is sponsored by Tiny Love.  All words are my own.


It’s baby gear galore this week on Happily Hughes!  Today we’re talking about the Tiny Love Close to Me Bouncer.  There are only two things that can make Henley sit still: her daddy holding her, and sitting in this bouncer/ high seat.  Seriously, that’s it.  Why we love the 

Close to Me Baby Bouncer by Tiny Love 

img_4374 img_4375 close to me baby bouncer by tiny love

This bouncer is a GREAT gift for those expecting or who have just had a baby.  Because of Tiny Love ingenuity, it grows with the child from 0 months up until 12 months!  Let me explain further.  This can be a bouncer, a napper, or a high seat!  So you can sooth baby with the bouncing motion, then morph it into it’s napper form.  In both bouncer and napper form you can turn on vibrations as well as calming music!  Then, when baby wakes up and is ready to eat you can change this product into it’s high chair position.  Let me show you the different positions: 

img_4398 img_4400

How neat is that?  So instead of buying three different pieces of baby gear you just need the Tiny Love Close to Me Baby Bouncer.  It saves time, money and space!

Now, you know we love to travel.  So the best part of this bouncer is that it is VERY travel-friendly.  It’s lightweight so it’s easy to carry, and it also has two wheels so it can be rolled.  Not to mention it folds flat so I can easily store it in the backseat of my car for road trips.  

close to me baby bouncer by tiny love img_4379

You can find this Close to Me Baby Bouncer at Target and BuyBuy Baby.  Check out the other genius Tiny Love inventions here!

16 thoughts on “Close to Me Baby Bouncer by Tiny Love”

  1. Wow- this just is such a great purchase for parents! Being able to adjust it and use it for 12 months for your child is incredible!

  2. That’s such a cute bouncer! Why weren’t these cute ones around when my kids were little? Your little one looks super comfortable laying in it!

  3. I don’t have young kids but I loved how genuine and sincere your list sounds- some sponsored posts, even if the reviewer like th product, can come off as disingenuous or awkward. Great post!

  4. This is so awesome. I don’t have any children but I am sure my friends with babies will love this article. It is so cute, I am glad I have such darling things to look forward to when I have my own babies! This is great.

  5. Love this! We’re looking for a baby bouncer because we had borrowed one from a friend when our son was born and that was the only thing he would sleep in! This would be great for baby #2.

  6. That bouncer is so cute! My little one is just now growing out of all the cute baby stuff but we had one of these and he seriously LIVED in it!

  7. such an adorable little babes! Love that little bouncer, keeps them busy! Will definitely send this to my good friend who just had a baby 🙂

  8. So cute! I can’t even imagine that age anymore, as my oldest is going to be 18 in three weeks. Wish that would have been around when he was a baby!

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