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Night Out Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braided Ponytail with Head & Shoulders

This post is sponsored by Head & Shoulders. All words are my own.

Night Out Fishtail Braid

New Years is TOMORROW, so I wanted to share this fun and easy braided ponytail tutorial with ya’ll. This is a simple updo that looks great and only takes about 10 minutes to do. Make sure to wash your hair today! This style does best on day old hair.

Gorgeous Night Out Fishtail braid

To do this hairstyle you will need:

How to Tease Hair

First, wash your hair the day before you want to try this hairstyle. I recommend the Head & Shoulders Instant Relief Shampoo– dandruff is detrimental to a good braid.

Next, spray your roots with dry shampoo. Then, tease the crown of your hair. If you have fine hair like me, use two bobby pins to secure your hair into a little poof. Spray with hairspray.

How to dutch fishtail hair like a pro

Choose one side of your head for the dutch fishtail braid. I always use my left side. Begin the dutch fishtail by grabbing two sections of hair. You will take a small outside portion of the bottom section, braid it UNDER the bottom section, and add it to the top section. Then you will take outside hair and feed it into the top section as well. Next, you will take a small outside portion of the top section, braid it UNDER and feed it into the bottom section. Then you will take outside hair and feed it into the bottom section. Repeat these steps until you get to the back of your head.

Ditch Fishtail Braid

Finish off the braid by continuing the fishtail without adding in outside hair. Tie off with a clear plastic hairtie.

Gorgeous Night Out Fishtail braid

Fluff your braid by pulling at the sides of the braid. Spray with hairspray.

To finish, put ALL of your hair in a pony tail. Tease the top of the ponytail for extra volume. Now go out and PARTAYYYYY!

Head & Shoulder Instant Relief Shampoo

I recommend Head & Shoulders Instant Relief shampoo for several reasons. First, Head & Shoulders Instant Relief Shampoo relieves the scalp of stressors and conditions it. This is HUGE, especially if you want to braid your hair. When your hair is braided it shows your scalp, and dandruff and flaky skin is NOT something other people want to see. Plus, making sure your strands are clean leads to smooth and beautiful braids!

Head & Shoulders Relief Shampoo

Check out Head & Shoulders Instant Relief Shampoo and the full product line on Amazon

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