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Getting Your Ore-Baby Body Back

Getting Your Pre-Baby Body Back

 Getting Your Ore-Baby Body Back

As a personal trainer, I get asked all the time when a mom can expect to get her pre-baby body back.  Here is the honest truth, my dear: You won’t.  Just like your heart, your body is forever changed.  So accept that now and learn to love the new you.  Because it is unbelievably beautiful. 

Getting Your Pre-Baby Body Back 

After my first child, I had the hardest time accepting my stretch marks.  I tried EVERYTHING I could to prevent them and those sneaky suckers got me anyways.  They’re not small, they are bold tiger stripes.  After awhile of being in the trenches of this motherhood thing, I came to realize I earned every damn one.  I now love those marks and what they mean.  What they represent to the world: I carried life inside of me.  I am a warrior, hear me ROAR!

So let’s be honest, after two kids: my hips are wider, I have more cellulite, and my boobs are literally non-existent.  And that’s OK!  This new body is just as lovely as my first.  I know I preach health and wellness, and I am all about going to the gym post-baby.  But my reasons are this: to be healthy for yourself and your new addition, and for happiness.  That’s it. Not to reach some unattainable goal that society has set for us.  Not to have the perfect body.  For self-love, health and wellness.  

So if you’re newly postpartum- don’t sweat getting your pre-baby body back because it just won’t happen.  Don’t kill yourself at the gym because you think you have to.  If you’re too tired to workout, then don’t!  If your nursing cravings are telling you to have a bowl of ice cream- then have one!  Yes, this is a personal trainer telling you to TREAT YO SELF.

If you’re not new to postpartum, if your kids are 2 or 3 or 17…I’m going to tell you the same thing.  Instead of stressing over the old you, learn to love those new curves and marks.  They are truly beautiful.

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  1. omg! well, I started to love my new self when my hubby told me that he doesn’t want me to be sexy anymore. He said that he loves my new belly! But I’m sure of myself it is no good! I had stretchmarks, my hip size was times 2! and you are right, self-love, health, and wellness are the most important!

  2. Our Family World

    I really love this so much! I just get back my body after my pregnancy with my son but not stretch mark.

  3. Embracing your body can be hard, but after you do, you actually end up loving yourself even more. It’s not about how it looks, it’s about being healthy and strong.

  4. Being a mom of two, I know I should accept my body as how it is now rather than thinking too much about it. I agree that I love those new curves & I don’t have to really worry when my husband is not complaining!

  5. I think instead of stressing over losing weight, you should focus on taking good care of yourself, that’s where it’s all going to start after all. This post is such a nice reminder.

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