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A Letter to my Friends as They Enter Motherhood by popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger Happily Hughes

A Letter to my Friends as They Enter Motherhood

A Letter to my Friends as They Enter Motherhood by popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger Happily Hughes

If you missed this shower post, you need to go read it.  Two of my favorite humans are pregnant with their first babies and due a day apart.  How special is that?  I don’t think they even know.  Anyways, I digress.  I wanted to write a letter to my friends.  About entering motherhood etc.  Here it is: 

Dearest friend, 

When you told me you were expecting, I’m pretty sure my heart exploded.  We’ve been friends for a long time, and nothing has me more excited for you than the journey you’re about to go on.  The moment you told me, I thought one thing: That baby is so lucky.  SO lucky to have you as his/her mom.  I want you to remember that.  

Because motherhood is the most exciting and terrifying journey.  So I want you to remember 3 important things: This baby is so blessed to have you.  You are an amazing mother.  I am so proud of you.  

Some other things we need to talk about:

  • When people say sleep when the baby sleeps, don’t punch them.  They’re trying to give you advice they wish they would’ve taken.  What they mean is: Soak it in. Leave the work/wash/dishes for another time.  Soak in those sweet snuggles with your babe, because it flies by WAY too fast.  
  • Give yourself grace.  The first two months are oh so hard.  Know that you’re learning a whole new way of life.  Don’t be too hard on yourself. 
  • I am praying for an easy delivery for you.  But even if it is easy, play that shit up.  Get some extra hard-core Advil at the hospital and remind your man what you went through to bring that beautiful human into the world. 
  • Speaking of men, be kind to your husband.  Jason is making me put this- apparently I wasn’t the nicest postpartum  But know that he’s learning a whole new way of life too. 
  • Your hooha will go back to normal.  I know it feels like it’s ruined forever, but trust me on this. Well, you may pee your pants every once in awhile, but just wear black spandex most of the time and you’ll be fine.

Now that’s all out of the way, I want to end with this: I love you.  I can’t wait for your world to be rocked by this beautiful miracle.  You are going to be an amazing mom.  Know that I am here for you, every step of the way.  

14 thoughts on “A Letter to my Friends as They Enter Motherhood”

  1. All the tears over here! William is so lucky to have you as an Auntie! Thank you so much for this sweet post!

  2. Beautifully said Jess!!! I would like to add take tons of pictures even the blurry and crying ones!

  3. Write down anything you want to remember as soon as you can— especially any details of birth, etc. Your memory will become a blur when you try to separate the days.

    Also, if you do hire a babysitter/nanny, make sure they will tidy up your house and do your laundry too. It’s worth any extra expense.

    You got this, mamas! Congrats!

  4. What a lovely thoughtful cute letter. It is awesome of you to give them something just for them, a piece of you. I agree with the 2 comments above me because time just flies by.

  5. Victoria Heckstall

    Such a wonderful letter. Being a mother is the toughest work ever. But it is all worth it once you see your little one growing.

  6. Such a heartfelt letter. Every mom is so excited to see their baby. I still remember my wife when she was pregnant to our first born. She is so excited.

  7. So much great advice for new parents here, it takes me back to being a new mother myself and one of the top tips I wished I had followed was “sleep when the baby sleeps”

  8. Ah! This is a nice tribute to parenthood and your friends! I agree, I did way too many chores after the kids would go to sleep. I became a neat freak at the wrong time of my life.

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