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International Travel with Kids by popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger Happily Hughes

International Travel with Kids

This international travel with kids post is sponsored by Allstate.  I only work with brands I love, so thank you for helping me to support them.  

International Travel with Kids by popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger Happily Hughes

I am SO excited for this year!  The kids and I (and hopefully Jason when he can swing it) are going on so many adventures.  So far we have Orlando, Banff, 30A, Mexico, Kamalame Cay booked and are looking to do Italy, France and Greece as well.  There is nothing I love more than traveling with my kiddos. 

That being said, there are always risks to traveling a lot.  I’ve partnered up with Allstate to cover all the ways you can be protected on your travels. 

International Travel with Kids: Tips  & Tricks

International Travel with Kids by popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger Happily Hughes

First, let’s talk travel insurance.  You can purchase travel insurance for 3-4% of the total cost of your trip.  This is HUGE for international travel.  This will cover trip cancellations, lost or stolen baggage, emergency medical while traveling, and even travel delay coverage.  If you’ve ever lost a bag or had to cancel a trip last minute, you know how costly it can be.  Also, one of my girlfriends got extremely sick while in Vietnam.  Thank goodness she had travel insurance to help pay for her hospital bills!  You can read more here and learn where to purchase it here.

International Travel with Kids by popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger Happily Hughes

Secondly, make sure you’re covered for identity theft.  This is one of my biggest fears when traveling abroad.  Before a big trip make sure to: 

  • Notify your bank of your travels.
  • Make photocopies of all of your important documents: drivers license, SSN, passport and debit/credit cards.
  • Put a hold on your mail. 
  • Put a password on your smartphone. 
  • Clean out your wallet of any unnecessary junk. 
  • Don’t post on social media where you’re going.  Obviously a hard one for me! 

You can read more tips and tricks here.

Last year for our London trip I did not have travel insurance and I will NEVER do that again.  Can you imagine losing the kids’ luggage or missing our flight?  Whew!  

This international travel with kids post was written as part of the Allstate Influencer Program and sponsored by Allstate. All opinions are mine. As the nation’s largest publicly held personal lines insurer, Allstate is dedicated not only to protecting what matters most–but to guiding people to live the Good Life, every day.

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  1. Traci T Blanchard

    We’re planning a trip to Banff in June! We’ve never been to Canada & I’m really excited. Our friends went a couple of years ago & the pictures are amazing.

  2. I would love to travel to Greece. My biggest fear is becoming life threatening ill as I have done that before. Luckily I was here at home. I was flown by Star Flight while on a respirator. All that would be an easy way for a thief also. I’ll definitely need travelers insurance.

  3. Great tips. I ‘ve never traveled internationally with kids before. I’m sure you have to put a lot more thought into it than domestic flights. You’ve got some cute kids I tell ya!

  4. These are all helpful tips and important for any parent looking to travel internationally with kids. I love how you laid out the tips in a way that makes a parent feel more confident with their decision to travel internationally with kids.

  5. Wow you gave some really great advice here, travelling with kids is stressful enough so having a handy guide will be such a relief for people to double check everything 🙂

  6. This such a useful post for people who travel a lot. I must remember to get travel insurance from Allstate the next time we go on an adventure somewhere. I would really, really, love to get a chance to visit Greece.

  7. Travel insurance is a great idea when you are traveling with kids. You never know when they might get sick and you have to change or cancel your trip. It’s also important to protect yourself against identity theft, which is why I always let my bank and credit cards know when I will be traveling anywere.

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