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How to Help a Friend/Family Going Through Divorce

This has been a pretty requested post.  If you have not or are not going through a divorcegoing through a divorce, you know someone who is.  And it’s hard to help support them, especially if you haven’t been in their shoes!  So I did a Q&A on Instagram and polled friends/followers who had been through divorce and what helped them the most.  Here’s what you can do for a friend/family member going through divorce: 

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How to Help a Friend Going Through Divorce

  • Be a sounding board for them.  Let them scream, cry, talk shit…whatever they need to do to get it off their chest.  
  • Bring over food or offer to help with the kids/animals.  Divorce can be so overwhelming and an offer of even the smallest amount of help can go so far. 
  • Check in every once in awhile.  People going through divorce tend to hibernate for a bit.  But left there for too long they can get depressed etc… So just check in and make sure your friend/family member is doing ok. 
  • Plan a trip/night out.  It doesn’t have to be expensive- a staycation is a fantastic lower budget option.  But give them something to look forward to. 
  • Send them Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed.  This is a personal recommendation as a friend did this for me and it brought me to my knees.  It made my cry and laugh and have hope for the future all at once.  I read it in one day!
  • Make them laugh.  I don’t care how, just get a chuckle out of them.  I have been at my lowest point and those who know me best would snap me out of it with a joke or a funny movie.  
  • Get them out and exercising!  A hike, a walk, a fitness class you think they’d enjoy… endorphins and all that jazz. 


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