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Looking for the perfect home workouts? Popular Atlanta Blogger Happily Hughts is sharing a week;s worth of home workouts that everyone can do. See them here!

We’re stuck at home for the foreseeable future, so I’m sharing my favorite home workouts. I rounded up a weeks worth of my workouts for y’all!  I’ve started running again to get out of the house and exercise the dog.  That being said I’m still doing weight lifting, booty bands, and heavy abs three days a week.  My goals are to increase my cardio, grow that booty, and get my abs back.  

Home Workouts: For a Whole Week

  • Monday 
    • 3 mile run
    • Booty band workout targeting outer buns                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Tuesday 
    • Shoulder workout-heavy weights low reps 
    • Push-up burnout 
    • Decline abs on bench 3×35
  • Wednesday 
    • Sprints
      • 10 sprints uphill
      • 10 jump squats between every 2 sprints
  • Thursday 
    • Booty Band workout targeting upper and lower buns 
    • Side bends with 25 lb plate 3×20 
    • Side planks 3x:30
  • Friday OFF
  • Saturday
    • Long run- targeting 5 miles 
  • Sunday
    • Shoulder workout- light weight and heavy reps 
    • Pull-ups x10
    • Planks 5×1:25

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