My Thoughts on Black Lives Matter

Let me preface this by saying, I understand that my views on this are nowhere near as important as those who are suffering from racism.  I understand that wholeheartedly.  As a white woman, I have no idea what Black people are facing or have faced.  I’ve never experienced it, and you’re right, I have no idea what it’s like. 

What I’m here to say is I’m sorry.  I am so sorry.  I’m sorry I haven’t spoken up more.  I’m sorry I haven’t protested before this.  I am so so sorry I have not supported or helped your cause more.  For that I am forever regretful.  

The death of George Floyd woke me up.  And I hate that it took a very public murder to do so.  I have tried to put myself in the mother of a Black child’s shoes.  In doing so, I imagined not just the normal maternal worries of keeping my kids safe and healthy.  But also imagined the constant fear a mother must face every single second of every day for her child’s life simply because of his/her skin color.  That filled me with so much worry and sadness.  I tried to imagine how I would feel if someone actually hurt my child because of his or her skin color.  That filled me with so much rage.  I do not condone violence.  I absolutely do not condone any of the deaths that have been caused by this.  I do see the anger and hurt behind it all, I empathize with it, and what I have to say is:

Please know that I am an ally.  That I am raising my kids to be allies.  We are here for you, and we will never be silent again.  Please also know that my heart hurts for you, and that I am open and willing to hear anything I can do to be a better ally for you and your cause.  Some resources y’all have sent in to support Black Lives Matter: 

Great Resources: 

Great Big Story- How You Can Be An Ally

Black Lives Matter

9 More Ways to help Black Lives Matter

10 Steps to Non-optical Allyship

You Can Donate To: 


George Floyd Justice– call, sign the petition, and you can donate!


The Color of Compromise 

Slavery by Another Name 

The Warmth of Other Sons

Books and Resources for Talking to Our Kids About Race:

Books for Kids

Yes Magazine Article

Support Local African-American Owned Businesses:

EWE Home– Local candle company owned by food blogger Erica Key.  These candles are fantastic and Erica is one of my favorite humans on this planet.

Contour Club– Cryotone, facials, body sculpting, skin tightening done by the best Michelle!  If you’ve met her you already love her.

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