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Healthy Eating Plan: Easy Meal Planning Ideas & Nutritious Snacks

I know first hand how hard it is to keep up with feeding yourself and your kids, let alone making sure they’re healthy and nutrient dense. So here is my go-to Healthy Eating Plan.

Over the years it has definitely taken a lot of practice, trial and error to find a decent balance during the week (and I mean, not all weeks are perfect).

Y’all know, I always go to the gym right after I drop the kids off at school (except in the summer, that’s just chaos). 

For a quick breakfast before I always have a quick protein bar to break my fast. I usually fast during the week for 10-12 hours to give my body time to break down all my food and recover.

After the gym I always have a full breakfast and here are some of my favorite options and go-to’s

Eggs and Bacon: so. much. protein!

English Muffin and Fit Butter: I’m sorry in advance for introducing you to this, you’re going to be hooked! My personal fave, the caramel cookie or the peanut butter cup!

Eggs and Avocado: Easy and has lots of protein and healthy fats

Magic Spoon Cereal and Almond Milk: Y’all, I know cereals are famous for being loaded with sugar but this Magic Spoon cereal is low-carb and high-protein if you can believe it. I usually have this with almond milk from trader joes. This is perfect if I’m super busy and on the go!

When it comes to the afternoon, I don’t know about you but I’ve always struggled with keeping my energy level up throughout the day and one thing that really helps me is having snack in between my meals. Here are some of my faves.

Wilde Chips: If you follow my IG stories you know that I post about these all the time because I’m truly obsessed. They’re made from chicken broth and egg whites – perfect chip alternative if you’re trying to eat less of them.

Sesame Seeds: Sprinkle sesame seeds on your favorite dishes or enjoy them as a standalone snack, rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

Acai Bowls: These have so many nutrients in them! I love topping mine with fruit, granola and seeds for an added boost of vitamins and minerals.

Protein Shakes: Recharge your body with a protein shake, my go-to protein powder is natural protein powder on amazon!

Protein Bars: These are great for obvious reasons – always running around as a mom. Some of my favorites are barebells.

See my fave proteins and protein bars here.

Next up, LUNCH!

Lean Beef, Brown Rice and Avocado: I eat this lunch more often than I care to admit. BUT it’s easy and healthy and one of those things that never get old for me.

A couple other go-to lunches are Turkey sandwich on fit bread and Spinach salad with chicken.

Dinner in our house has to be quick and healthy – I’m not the biggest lover of cooking so meals are almost always simple and easy.

Salmon or Chicken and Salad

Some of my favorite salads below:

Beat Salad: mixed lettuce,beats(cooked fresh or from a can), sunflower seeds, goat or feta cheese, red pepper , red onion Dressing: Maple Syrup, olive oil, balsamic glaze, salt, pepper & fresh garlic 

Salad 2: Mixed lettuce, sunflower/pumpkin (both or either), feta, pepper (whatever color you like best), any other veg in the fridge you wanna toss in. Dressing: olive oil, dijon mustard, garlic salt pepper, sweetener if you want

Salmon or Chicken and Sweet Potato: This meal is great because it’s a full sheet-pan meal and I use up whatever we have in the fridge for veggies, you can’t miss!

Steak and Brown Rice with Avocado: If you’re looking to not cook at home then one of our go-to places to order a healthy dinner is Cava. Their bowls are super healthy and always have lots of protein. They also have a kids plate and both the kids absolutely love it!

We have a few favorites for dinner when it comes to the kids but my oldest, Hudson, is so picky.

  • Quinoa spaghetti with chicken and garlic bread
  • chicken and sweet potatoes
  • breakfast for dinner Hudson is SO picky

Head here to get more healthy eating inspiration.

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