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7 Best Tips for Blonde Hair Health + Heatless Curl Tutorial | Happily Hughes

First and foremost we have to start with how to maintain your blonde hair and keep that blonde looking healthy and not dry. 

I’ve been working with Lacy from The Salty Mane for years now and she has always given me all the tips to keep my blonde looking the color of blonde I want. 

Here are 7 of the best tips to keeping your blonde hair blonde!

✨Make sure you have a stylist who doesn’t overlap highlights

✨If you go swimming in a pool you don’t know- do NOT get your hair wet!

✨If it is a pool you know, put conditioner in first

✨Use a good moisturizing hair mask after getting in the ocean

✨Keep hair away from sunscreen


✨Always use a heat protectant

The limiting of heat is what I always struggled with because as many of you know I love having big curls in my hair. Recently I’ve been on a long journey of testing out sooo many heatless curl hairstyles and let  me tell you, it’s been….. interesting. It started like this:


That was a fail 😳 #heatlesscurls

♬ original sound – happilyhughes


Then of course, my daughter wanted me to do heatless curls with her so we tried it a slightly different way and hers turned out stunning (of course) and mine, not so good.


The heatless curls saga continues… #heatlesscurls #hair

♬ original sound – happilyhughes


After trying a few different tools and scrolling my comments with tips from people, I can  finally say that I figured it out! 

Link full hair REEL: no link yet 

The tips and tricks that I learned throughout my trial and error with heatless curls are this

✨it needs to be 90% dry, not 80%…not 100%!!

✨loop your curls HIGH, this is going to help with the volume

✨wrap the ends of your hair around the large part of the curl so they stay as big curls 

✨tuck the heatless wire behind your head so its not sticking out and bothering you 

Even though the curls are heatless and have less damage for the hair I still make sure that I’m using high quality hair products

My go-to hair products forever have been

Shop all my favorite hair products here. 

And you can find the heatless curl tool plus other volume products I love in my amazon storefront.

Now that you know all my best tips and tricks for keeping my hair healthy I will share a few go-to easy up-do hairstyles that I’ve been loving lately. 

This one got a lot of love and honestly, I can see why! It keeps your hair out of your face, is super cute and great for people that don’t know how to braid.

Watch the Bubble Braid Tutorial below.

Another super easy half-up hairstyle that I’ve been doing all summer is this one!

Watch my favorite easy up-do here:

You can head to my Hair Guide on Instagram for more hair tutorials & tips. What other hair content do you want to see from me?

See my different eras of blonde hair below…
4 grid headshots of a blonde girl - all different blonde hair color inspiration

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