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In Honor of Heart Month

In Honor of Heart Month by popular Atlanta mommy blogger Happily Hughes

In honor of heart month, I wanted to re-share Hudson’s heart warrior story.  The whole point of this blog is to connect with other women and help in any way I can.  So I’m sharing this to keep you aware, to let you know what issues there are out there that you may not of […]

Weekend Recap/What We Wore

Another fun weekend with this sweet boy!  Im beyond obsessed with this shirt from Wild + Bear!  If you know Hudson, you know there is no other way to describe his energy other than “Beast Mode”.   Friday night we went to the food trucks in town for Hubby’s birthday.  It was a fun and fatty […]

Our Weekend/What We Wore

I loooove long weekends!  This weekend was also the home opener for UGA so the hubbs and I had a day date and went to Athens to tailgate. Jessica: Dress and Necklace from Fabrik Hudson: Shirt and bow tie from Nordstrom, pants from Carly Megan, and moccs from Freshly Picked Then Sunday and Monday we just relaxed at […]

Huddy's 14 Month Update

This month has been the exact opposite of last month.  Yes, Huddy is still super energetic, eats more than I can keep up with, and tries to fight napping on a weekly basis.  But he has been SO cuddly and gives me kisses all the time(which he NEVER does).  Oh be still my heart!  Is […]

Huddy’s 13 Month Update

Whew I’m writing this late!  And there’s a good reason why… his 13th month has been HARD!  I’m not gonna sugar coat it folks.  It’s almost as if Huddy just woke up on his birthday and decided, I’m going to become a toddler today.  And not just any toddler- a nap nazi, into everything but […]

Hudson’s Birthday

Here they are!  I decided against doing a big birthday for Hudson because: 1. He wouldn’t remember it anyway and 2. I really wanted to focus on loving him on his big day.   That being said, here are pictures from a little family get together we did at our family reunion:  His birthday outfit!   […]

A Letter to Hudson on His Birthday

Today you turned one.  I can’t believe how fast time has flown already!  I’ve already cried my eyes out this morning looking through all of your pictures.   A year ago, at 4:27 PM you were born into this world.  As soon as they placed you on my chest and I said hello you looked […]