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Potty Training Must-Haves

Potty Training Must Haves

Ok so potty training has definitely NOT been my favorite parenthood chore.  I’d almost prefer wiping his butt until he’s 5, ya know?  The mad dashes to the bathroom, the hectic car pull overs, and the accidents (thought they do make for good stories).  I did all of my potty training shopping at buybuy BABY […]

6 Boy Potty Training Tips You’ll Want To Follow

Boy Potty Training Tips

This post is sponsored by CVS.  All thoughts are my own.   Guess what we’re starting this weekend?  Potty training!  I am beyond terrified but SO ready to stop changing two sets of diapers a day.  Plus, bless his heart, Hudson has been ready for quite some time.  So we are taking the time this weekend […]