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Potty Training Must Haves

Potty Training Must-Haves

potty training must-haves

Ok so potty training has definitely NOT been my favorite parenthood chore.  I’d almost prefer wiping his butt until he’s 5, ya know?  The mad dashes to the bathroom, the hectic car pull overs, and the accidents (thought they do make for good stories).  I did all of my potty training shopping at buybuy BABY and again they showed their expertise in all things children.  The store manager walked me around and shared both her personal and professional insights on each product.  With her help and after test-driving several products, I’ve rounded up the best potty training must-haves for you here.

After test-driving several products, I’ve rounded up the best potty training must-haves for you here.

  • Ginsey Sesame Street Potty Training Rewards Kit– Hudson has recently become a HUGE Sesame Street fan.  That and his love of stickers make this the perfect rewards system for him.  He loved putting stickers on his chart every time he went to the potty!
  • Arm & Hammer 36-Count Flushable Potty Wipes– I bought several packets of these- one for each bathroom in the house and one for each of my diaper bags.  He still likes wiping his booty with wipes versus toilet paper so these turned out to be the perfect solution. 
  • Disney Mickey Folding Travel Potty Seat– LOVE this travel seat!  It folds up nice and small fits in my diaper bag.  Plus, he loves that it’s Mickey.  There’s also a very cute Minnie version!
  • Ready to Go Toilet Time Potty: Hudson really enjoyed this book.  The illustrations were engaging, and it’s written for potty training boys in particular so I think he connected with it more.  It also comes with lots of reward stickers! 
  • BABYBJORN® Children’s Step Stool Stool– There are plenty of step stools to choose from, but these happy colors were my favorite.  I have one in each bathroom so Hudson can get on top of the patty fast and easy.  They also have grips on the bottom so they don’t slide. 
  • Sesame Street® “Potty Time with Elmo” Little Sound Book– I don’t know a toddler that doesn’t love a sound book.  This book make Hudson excited to potty train, and taught him to wash his hands after each time he went!
  • Tomy Soft Grip Potty Trainer Seats in Blue (Set of 2)– This seat, with it’s soft grips and splash guard, was the best I’ve found.  I bought 2 packs so each bathroom in the house has one.

I hope this helps you to potty train your little ones!!

This post is sponsored by buybuy BABY.  All words are my own.

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  1. These are some great ideas! I’ll have to pass these on to my auntie as my little cousin is currently being potty trained!

  2. This is so much great information! I am sending this along to my friends/family who are currently dealing with this!
    xo, Kyla – KyMarieC / @kycurrierlewis

  3. I don’t have kids yet but I’m actually starting the process of planning for them so this will come in handy. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I don’t have kids but I will pass it to my sister. I was not aware that there are so many options available!

  5. I have the Ready to Go book, but still need the rest. Thanks for putting this together. I am not looking forward to potty training our son.

  6. Isn’t it so funny to think about the fact that we didn’t know how to use the restroom? These are great- saving for later on 🙂

  7. A family I babysit for is working hard on potty training. Unfortunately (at least with me) their little one won’t even try to use the potty unless the ipad or a new toy or candy is involved. I will def be sending this to her!

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