Fall Family Photos

Joleen Pete Photography
I love working with Joleen Pete Photography.  She just gets us.  She knows our quirks and our personalities and makes sure they’re shown in our pictures.  Every time we have these professional photos done it’s like Hudson knows and chooses to be in the grumpiest/fussiest mood ever, but she somehow still gets great shots.  She just did our Christmas card pics and I can’t choose which ones I love the best!  I’d love your thoughts in the comments below 🙂
 Such goobers and I love it!
If you need a photographer for family photos she has some open slots available on November 1st and 15th HERE 
To see her work be sure to check her out on 

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  1. Love these! You guys are adorable 🙂
    Your dress is great, and you guys all look so put together! I really love the B&W one….one a chalkboard-themed Christmas card? That would be super cute!

  2. You have such a beautiful family. The last picture is my favorite.

  3. Gorgeous family! I love that black and white one of all you!

  4. These are some truly AWESOME photos. I love your outfit choice all the way down to your shoes. You're having a remarkable hair day. I love that you let your son just be himself without worrying about whether or not he was smiling.

  5. I love these photos! What a stunning family. My favourite is the very first one 🙂
    Neive xo

  6. He is just adorable! …and those little mocs. I've been contemplating getting some for my little man. I think you sold me.

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