Favorite Friday- Tangled Tantrum

This was one of my favorite collaborations because this sweet cheeseball loved doing his hair!  It’s been pretty hard finding hair products that I feel safe using on Hudson- and then came Tangled Tantrum.  The company was started by a beauty and hair savvy mompreneur who wanted safe and fun products to use on her kids’ hair.  These goods are American-made, paraben and alcohol-free. 
tangled tantrum review
We got to try both the Detangling Spray and the Killer Swell Hair Gel.  The detangling spray is super light and keeps his fine hair from getting knotted up.  It smells so good (think the beach and pina coladas) I often find myself just sticking my nose in his hair for a quick whiff.  We use this after every bath and all those morning bedhead tangles are no more. 
My favorite was the Killer Swell Hair Gel because there were so many fun ways to style his hair!  I refuse to cut it and it was starting to look like a bad mullet, but with this fun product he’s been rocking mohawks, swoops, and spikes all week.  It’s flexible, smells delicious, and holds very well.  When he’s ready for bed I just brush it out and he’s good to go.

TT is definitely Huddy approved 😉 
You can find Tangled Tantrum at: 

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  1. Those hair products are adorable!!! And so is your little man 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness what a cutie! My Tootsie definitely needs the detangler. Brushing her hair each morning is always an adventure!
    ~ Ashley

  3. He is adorable! I'll have to pass this along to my friend who has children. Great post.

  4. He is soooooo cute!
    Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  5. He is too adorable…
    I wish I would've had this for my son when he was small. The only non-chemical gels we could find were super goopy. Still gonna get this for him though. thanks for sharing.

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