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The Perfect Margarita

Sunday is National Margarita Day!  So I had to share the recipe for the perfect margarita.  By perfect I mean: sweet, salty, and tart all at the same time.  Did I mention it’s organic?  And takes about 5 seconds to whip up?  Now I know you’re excited.  
Introducing VitaFrute Margarita Cocktail.  The first organic mix I’ve tried and loved.  It’s 125 calories and 15% alcohol (think more booze for your cals).  It’s delicious as is, or you can use my recipe below to make an icy sweet concoction.  
Blended Pineapple Vitafrute Margarita

  1. Blend Vita Frute cocktail mix, pineapple and ice cubes until smooth. 
  2. Dip glass in lime juice, then in rock salt to coat rim. 
  3. Pour margarita and relaaaaax 🙂
You can find VEEV at: 

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