#fitmamabikinichallenge and AboutTime Coupon Code!

**All photos c/o of Joleen Pete Photography**

It’s time ladies.  Time for a change.  The #fitmamabikinichallenge with AboutTime starts tomorrow on Instagram!!  I promise you this: give it your all these next 60 days and you WILL see a difference.  You WILL feel better.  You will NOT regret it.  

The point of the #fitmamabikinichallenge is to motivate and inspire each other to get healthy.  Invite and tag your friends.  Tell your family.  Shout it out on social media so you are held accountable.
OOTD: Onzie

To get ready for your transformation:
*I’ve posted the basics of dieting here. Great protein and supplements are so important, which is why I’ve teamed up with AboutTime. To me, there is no better protein supplement company. All-natural and always delicious- and all Happily Hughes followers get a 25% off discount! Just use “HAPPILYHUGHES” at checkout.
* Meal plan and prep every week.
* Write your workouts out the weekend before, or at least the night before. You can use my printable here or do what I do: write your workouts on stickies and place in your daily planner.
*Take your initial measurements today or tomorrow! Weight and height are always important. But also take your chest, waist, hip, arm, and leg circumference.
*Have great playlists ready for your workouts! I’ve put together some fun workout jams for ya’ll on Spotify. Just login and find me: happilyhughes.

NOW GET EXCITED! We’ll have workouts, challenges, recipes, shout outs, and giveaways galore. All this fun kicks off tomorrow. So do your measurements and think of an answer to this question: what is driving you to be successful during this campaign? And make sure to hashtag #fitmamabikinichallenge in any and all posts!

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  1. The weather is warming up where I live, and it's giving me the motivation to go back to working out regularly. I'm going to be following along with your bikini challenge to stay motivated and on track!

  2. Definitely working on losing some weight, but I need to make time for workouts. Those are always the first thing to go when I get busy. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Wahoo…march is a perfect time for achallenge. Perfect to get you ready for summer!

  4. Have fun with your challenge!

  5. Sounds like a great challenge! Looking forward to following everyone's progress!

  6. Sounds like a fun challenge! All the best with it!

  7. March is a great month for a challenge. Hopefully Spring's sooner than later arrival will help encourage everybody to get back on track, especially with how rough of a winter it has been for much of the country.

  8. You look amazing! March is an awesome month for a challenge- good luck!

  9. This sounds awesome! I will come back this evening after work and read all the details.

  10. looks like an awesome challenge! I am focusing on eating better throughout March. My sweet tooth is what really gets me 🙁 I love those MPG leggings! Now I want to heard to TJ Maxx to look thru their MPG stuff 😉

  11. You provide such great motivation. I may take you up on your challenge and join you.

  12. Looks like an amazing challenge!! Do I get to have abs likes yours if I participate??? You look amazing and provide great inspiration.

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