Standing Ab Workout

Standing Ab Workout Bootcamp
The official first #fitmamabikinichallenge ab workout!  Here’s your circuit:
1. Oblique Crunch x50 each side
2. Standing Twist x50 each side
3. Chop x50 each side
4. Pike x30 each side
Post your workout pictures under the #fitmamabikinichallenge hashtag!  Those that do get an extra entry in the giveaway tomorrow 🙂

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  1. Great post! People really do need to do more work while standing to challenge their core better.

  2. LOVE this workout. When we think about abs, the first thing we think about is crunches. It's so great to see some different variations to work out that core

  3. Thanks for posting this workout- I am actually going to do this later on this evening since I need to switch up my abs routine 🙂

  4. Great workout ideas. A nice change to the normal crunches.

  5. I love standing ab workouts…I really am not a fan of doing core work but for some reason don't mind if I'm standing and doing it haha. My favorite exercise would be paloff presses!

  6. What a great workout! I like that it is different from the many other workouts I'd I, I depserately need to strengthen my core so this will be a workout I incorporate into my routine!

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