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Everfitte Review and Beach Workout

 How awesome sauce is this shirt?  Let me introduce you to Everfitte clothing, my go-to for all slogan tees.  First of all, the tees and shirts are super soft.  I may have slept in this Mimosa shirt the night before…  And the slogans.  Oh how I love them.  I’m thinking of starting a collection.  The two I’m wearing are the Mornings are for Mimosas and Don’t be Like the Rest of Them Darling.  But I am also loving the Beach, Please, Run Now Wine Later, and There’s No Way You Woke Up Like That.  The cheekiness 🙂  Also, scroll to the bottom for a KILLER beach leg workout!
Draw a line in the sand at least 10 ft long.  Use it to do this circuit 5x
*Side 2 Side Squat Jumps x10 (make sure to jump over the line)
*Forward Hops x15 (jump over the line)
*Side Jumps x15 (same)
*Squat Jumps x10 

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