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Party Station

“This post is sponsored by RYOBI; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.“
As you may know, we just bought a new house.  We are SO excited to make this new house a home, and already we’re brainstorming all sorts of DIY projects.  One of our must-haves is a Party Station for the backyard.  What is a Party Station?  Watch this video by RYOBI
As soon as Jason saw this, he started sketching one up right away.  The picture above is his sketch.  Our party station has many similarities to the video, but we made some upgrades.  Obviously we have to have a spot for our bluetooth speakers and phone, and a second set of shelves for liquor.  Then on the bottom, Jason wants to build a plexiglass box with sliding doors so he can store pilsner, high ball, and shot glasses.  And don’t forget the bottle opener installed on the side!  I can’t wait to work on this project together (with RYOBI tools only obviously). 
You’re probably wondering why I shared this with you all.  Well 1. because it’s awesome.  And 2. because RYOBI is having a contest!  Enter your completed party station HERE for a chance to win $1,000in RYOBI power tools!

6 thoughts on “Party Station”

  1. we have a party/grilling station in our dream list of things to improve around our home…we bought a home last year and though budget doesn't allow for much right now (hello twin babies and new home in same year 😉 )…we will be adding it soon I hope!

  2. I love the idea of a party station. We call my friend's house the party house because she has the best setup for a crowd.

  3. Party station is a must! We have a deck separated from our main deck in the backyard with 2 TVS a covered bar area, inside and outside area and music…it is our party station and we love it!

  4. We dont have a party station like that! All we have is a grilling area and screened in back patio! We sooo need this though!! Can't wait to see finished pictures!!

  5. I love your ideas and the sketch is awesome. Its great when people are able to create and build their dream home! I hope to one day be able to do this. Thank you for sharing!!!

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