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11 Week Bump Update

Ya’ll, this belly!  I know you’re supposed to show earlier with your second and blah blah but whoa.  I mean I didn’t get a gut like this until about 20 weeks with Hudson.  It blows my mind!    
I’ll be honest- it has been one hell of a week here at the Hughes’ household.  We went to the lake last weekend and had a fabulous time.  Then came back home to find out we had a VERY short time to sell our home, or we would lose the house we bought.  Cue the waterworks.  We’d been house hunting for a year, and we’re so ecstatic to have found a home we could picture our children growing up in.  The stress of trying to sell our home for the last 3 months, plus the realization that we could lose our future home has been pretty hard.  So if you’re the praying sort, please send up a prayer or two that our house sells this weekend.  It would mean so much.  Ok back to preggo updating.
My workouts this week have been MUCH better.  My ankle is on the mend, and that blasted nausea is only bothering me about half the day.  I forgot how sore I get during pregnancy though!  What used to be an easy leg day for me feels like I ran a marathon the next day.  I have been foam rolling like a mad woman. 
Hormones have been- eh.  I’m gonna blame half that on stress.  I’m not a big cryer, but I had a good jag this week.  Sometimes you just need a good cry to release all that tension though.  And maybe a donut
Overall, I’m feeling better than last week.  Even though this week has been nutso bananas, I’m starting to feel human again.  The nausea has lessened and I’m not vomiting as much as I was.  Plus, I’m starting to get some of my energy back.  I really want to enjoy this pregnancy in all it’s stages, so I try and take a moment each day just to say hi to bump-bump and tell him/her “I love you”.  

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