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Guest Post: Awesome Activities to Do at Home in Summer with Hannah West

Awesome Activities to Do at Home in Summer
By Hannah West 
Via Modernize 
Even the most resourceful recreation experts can run out of outside activities to keep their kids and themselves busy all summer. So what do you do when you’ve already been to the water park, the movies, the mall, and the berry-picking fields three times each and it’s only mid-June? Don’t fret! There are plenty of at-home activities to stimulate your kids, help you feel refreshed, and keep the summer hype going. 
With Kids: 
Make Healthy Treats 
Desserts are a quintessential part of summer, from drippy fruit ice cream to Fourth of July cookies. But there are plenty of variations on your kids’ favorite treats that will prevent the sugar overload. Try making fresh fruit popsicles, no sugar added banana ice cream, or low-sugar granola. And if you don’t feel like getting fancy, slice up fruit with star-shaped cookie cutters and let the little ones their make their own fruit kabobs!
Host a Sleepover 
While sleepovers can be a total hassle for the parents involved, your kids will have a blast. Let them go crazy building forts or even camping in the yard with their friends. Make sure to lay the ground rules and establish backup plans and safety precautions–having to house, feed, entertain, and put to bed a troupe of kids may involve a hiccup or two. 
Have a Bonfire 
Bonfires mean minimal effort for tons of fun. In fact, you don’t even have to make dinner. Just slap some hot dogs on a stick and call it done. Fun games, stories, and do-it-yourself ‘smores will keep your kids occupied until bedtime. 
Make a Nature Collage 
If messy art projects have gotten a little out of hand, or it’s too hot to really enjoy the outdoors, have your kids pop outside and gather some items for a nature collage. This is a nearly mess-free craft solution and helps them appreciate nature–two birds with one stone. Just watch to make sure they aren’t picking flowers from the neighbor’s yard!
Picnic in Your Back Yard
You may see the realities of picnics (like bugs, dog poop, and figuring out the dishes situation), but kids only see the part where they’re doing something they’ve never done. Keeping it in your backyard will make cleaning up less of a hassle for you, but will still satisfy your adventurous kids. 
Adults Only:
Host a Happy Hour 
Instead of putting on that ritzy dinner party you’ve wanted to throw but can never find time to plan, opt for something a little more casual. A happy hour party can take the stress off of the food preparation, allow guests to get sobered up before heading home, and leave you time to clean up afterwards without staying up way past your bedtime. 
Rearrange Furniture 
There’s nothing quite as refreshing as giving a room in your home a no-cost mini makeover. Map out your ideas on paper before sweating over an arrangement that doesn’t work. 
Tackle Your Reading List 
Reading lists aren’t just for high schoolers. You probably have at least one book you’ve been waiting to read but haven’t found the time. Take a break after work or after shepherding your kids to various activities to make time for some fruitful, mind-enriching (or just straight entertaining) relaxation. 
Plant an Herb Garden 
If you want to start growing but it’s already too hot outside to invest your energy in a full-on garden, start a kitchen herb garden. Easy, accessible, and DIY-able, your little garden will spruce up your kitchen while giving you fresh ingredients to work with and fresher air to breathe.
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