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WIW with Lolly Clothing and a Coupon Code!

When I find something good, I stick with it.  My favorite dress company right now is Lolly Clothing. I wore this dress from Lolly via Shop Kariella, and fell in love.  Why?  The clothes Lolly makes are so soft and luxurious, with all of the fun prints and fabrics of the season.  This Colleen Dress is lightweight and comfy, while being the perfect black maxi.  I can dress this up with some high heels and jewels, or wear it just as I am above, with flats and some simple jewelry.  I’m even going to transfer it into fall with one of my leather jackets and booties.  All of Lolly‘s clothes are like this- staple pieces that you can wear across seasons.  And because we love you, we’re giving you 25% off!!  Just use code happy25 at checkout.  Happy shopping my dears!
Enjoy these pictures from the rest of our weekend.  You’ll notice two things- this dress is perfect for chasing toddlers, and my son loves to steal and put on my lipgloss.  

25 thoughts on “WIW with Lolly Clothing and a Coupon Code!”

  1. Beautiful dress! It looks great how you styled it, and I imagine you could wear it just about anywhere. I've never heard of the brand before, so thanks for shaing!

  2. This looks perfect on you. But what about us short girls. I have the hardest time finding a dress that fits my body and is not dragging! One day I will find one. And best believe I will buy one of every color!

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