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WIW with Lolly and Wristology Coupon Codes!

Yes, I obviously have a Lolly obsession.  But when something works, why change it?  I love this Eli Dress!  I wore it this weekend to a rehearsal dinner in Savannah.  If you’ve ever been to Savannah, you know how hot and humid it is.  But this dress kept me cool all evening.  Not only is it gorgeous, it’s super lightweight.  Like to the point I had to check to make sure I was wearing anything.  Those ruffles at the bottom!  They add the perfect girly touch to this staple piece.  BONUS: you can use my discount code to get 25% off!  Just type in “Happy25”.

And we have to talk about this arm candy.  The ring is Leslie Francesca, the bracelet is Kendra Scott, and that fab watch is Wristology.  Wristology watches are my newest obsession.  There are so many fun options!  Because it’s your lucky day, I’m giving my followers 20% off Wristology watches!  Use code “20off4s”.

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  1. I totally love that moon and star ring. I love rings that wrap around like that. And you look awesome in the dress. I would totally look like a potato! Thanks for sharing!

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